Are you guys an ass man!?

Please fuck my ass! I love being fucked in my ass!! my ass has always been big; not sure why..most people tell me asians are not supposed to be big ass bitches..but i am.. guys seem to enjoy squeezing and playing with it..and i like to be touched and squeeze my ass as well. You can call me your ass slave!k!

39 thoughts on “Are you guys an ass man!?”

  1. Mmm… I would certainly like to use them. I would spank u hard and make your cheeks red. I know that would make your pussy nice and wet for me. Then I’d slide my cock in your nice, tight cunt. I’d fuck you hard with my thumb up your ass. Soon I’d be ready to slide inside.

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      1. Good girl! I will fuck all your nasty holes and make u cum repeatedly. I like how submissive you are. Very nice. What if I told you to lick another woman’s pussy? What if I want to share you with my friends? You would like that wouldn’t you?

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  2. Yes sir. I would like that very much. I’m very submissive and have embraced my inferiority . I can only obey..That’d be my duty as a whore to fuck any of your friends. I’m at your pleasure to rent or sell or give my ass free I will gladly do.

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    1. What a nasty little whore u are. I would turn you out good. Your cunt would be dripping as we all used u for our pleasure. You’d be filled with so much cum. I’d make you u eat pussy while we fucked your cunt and ass at the same time. You would have so many orgasms.

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  3. I know u would. You’re a nasty, cheap whore. U want me to sell u to my friends. Do you have a sister? Is she a slut like u?


  4. I’m sure they did. I’d love to cum down your throat, all over your face and tits, in your pussy, and in your asshole. I’d like to see you dripping with cum everywhere. Filthy whores crave such things don’t they?

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  5. Such a good little kinky bitch! I’m still trying to come up with a good idea for a story including you. I want it to turn you on. I’m sure you’ll end up tied up and forced to service strangers, not sure how yet. Ever taken a fist before?

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