paid dates escort experience # 1

i was bored and went walking around my neighborhood; just took a walk; just recently started to do free lance escort to supplement my cashflow; Its been good..but no one in my neighborhood know that yet I don’t think. I do come home early in the morning sometime from late outing. So this morning I had some free time so I thought I’d take a walk around the neighborhood.. how i started to do escort was pretty funny. A friend got me into it when she had a client but was sick and not feeling well..and ask me to do it for her.. I was leary at first.. but when she said just treat like another date. Like a “paid” date. But still a date. So she asked to meet with the date at a local bar downtown; just dressed as if you’re on a night out.. I agreed.. and she said she’d give me all the payments I will earned. Not sure how much it would be..

Made my way downtown where I’d meet him. It turned out he was already at the bar; i made my way to the bar. His description fit to the tee that my friend gave me. I went to the bar and tapped on his shoulder; hello. Mark was his name turned around. I wore a tight white knit mini dress and shows my figure nicely. Hello sir; my name is Vickiee; Mark smiled and looked at me as if he was happy. And I’m glad; i was afraid he may not like me. I asked; am i to your liking? He smiled yes; you’d do great. And he said; you agreed with what i ordered? I said yes. Not sure what he said he ordered. I was going to text my friend to get some clarification; but didnt want to seem rude.. Mark then ordered me a drink; rum and which i said thank you.. we then sat down in the corner of the bar; it wasnt very well lit; so there’s some privacy. i sat down..he was 6’2 a little heavy set; i’m only 4’9 so he tower over me for sure. we looked like an odd couple..he’s white and tall and. very big. he then moved closer and had his hands on my he’s smiled. he said you’re really cute..i think we’d be having a very good time. what do you think.? i smiled and just said. i am here to make you happy. he then bent down and proceed to move his hands higher into my dress and pull down my undies..i didnt resist his advances and allowed him to reach in and pull my undies off..he then slid his big fingers into my clitoris and finger my pussy..i was very wet. he then licked his fingers..i was so aroused and became very wet.. Mark then said did you enjoy that? i was a little embarrased but didnt say anything; i think he can tell. the date went pretty well at this point. he then proceeded in kissing me some more ..he was fondling my breasts as well as to be expected. i can feel that his cock is now that moment..a couple guys showed up at the table.Mark look up and said hey guys..this is Vickie a new escort i just hired for the night. why dont you guys test her out before we take her home..Steve and George then sat down.. with is the date with Mark? or with all 3 im so confused but didnt want to disappoint them. so Mark walked toward the bar. and Steve and George took me toward the back; they dragged me like a drag i just followed then they took a closer look at me. at this point i was a little scared. what did i get myself into now. Steve then picked me up and said you’re a little skank arent you? they then took my dress off..and looked over my body..bitch you got a fine body. i think you’d any limits? i said no sir.. good…George then said ok you pass..lets do this. i said yes sir. then we went back to the bar. and i spent the next couple hours drinking and smoking; with all 3. they had their hands all over my body.. i was quite turned on; and liked the attention. i was quite buzzed and drunk i remembered. then George said to the crowd she consented you guys just ask her..then a few guys came over i remembered; George then said shes an escort and shes been bought and paid for; i remembered what George said; go ahead try her..and pointed to 1 guy in the back room; he then came forward. and pretty soon the whole room was fucking me. George whisper to me. dont worry we’ll take good care of you…i think i kind of dont remember alot of it; but did remember that i had a really good time of my first experience as an escort and have to thank my girlfriend. somehow i woke up in a strange motel room; and really sore but i felt really exhilirated like as if i was on a drug or something; and next morning i found a stack of cash hundreds, twenties, fifties even ones. too; i was in the room by myself but not sure how i got here.. if this is how being an escort feels like; i kinda found that it is fun and i think i like the wanted feeling; having guys all want me; but how to go about of continuing this? what if my family finds out? that would be bad..i knew i had to talk to my girl friend to see how she was able to keep it from her family and friends. i was her best friend and i didnt know that she was into escort until she confided in me..

i left the hotel room and made my way out of the room after i took a shower and put on my regular clothes since my dress was torn from the party last night. as i made my way out the door and toward the elevator. while waiting for the elevator door to open; a couple guys walked out of the elevator; they glanced at me as if they knew me..but i didnt know who they were ; i just smiled; then one of them grabbed my arm and said- hey we forgot to ask for your number .. i glanced up a little puzzled but then agreed to give them my number. so i said sure thing; let me see your phone. they then handed their phone and i input my number..; they then ask for my name..before i can answer; they just said; vickiee right? i said yes..a bit surprised then knew my name..made my way downstairs to the front lobby and bid farewell the doorman..


the hubby’s boss

My husband Kevin was expecting a colleague to come over where they’d meet to do some extra work as they had a deadline.. Kevin already called ahead to give me the heads up.
I was getting ready to go out myself. Then I heard the doorbell. I was a bit half dressed went & answer the door. A tall black guy stood in front of me. Hi I’m looking for Kevin? Oh yes please come in;I’m Vickie Kevin’s wife;Kevin’s on his way home…he should be home any minute..then he walked through the front door.
I showed him the living room. Then I said please make yourself comfortable at home. He looked around then glanced at me. I had my top still not pull down not completely showing a bit of my navel. Embarrassed. I said oh I’m sorry can I get u something to drink? I didn’t catch your name? I noticed he was looking down my cleavage area. I looked down to make sure nothing was inappropriate. He then said l I’m Duke. I work with Kevin. Kevin never said anything about having a cute asian wife at home.i smiled oh thank you. Then I said make yourself at home let me get you something to drink. Duke then followed me to the kitchen I unknowingly didn’t realize that….he came up from behind me & grab my waist..I was startled. Duke? Can I help you? Duke then said well u did say make myself comfortable ?. Hopefully you don’t mind…i tried to push Duke away. But he was extremely strong. He then started to put his hands on my breast. Duke then said Bitch you turn me on…your tits are amazing..let me see bitch…Duke then rip my top off.i was startled but not scared.. I was a bit excited..he then pin me down on the kitchen counter & suck my nipples..I stopped fighting him & allowed him to have his way with me. I think he saw that I was excited as well. He then unzipped himself & pull out his huge cock..& says I’m going to fuck you bitch….i gasp for air… as he move his cock down my hole. I was all wet.

inferior, slut


What does that really mean? Permission is granted? Why is this even up for debate? As a girl a female I already know permission is not necessary? I never say no to any men… as female I understand that I am inferior to all men. I never understood feminism. I submit to all men. I seek their approval all the time.. I give unconditional consent to all MEN!!

CNC, inferior, slut, slutwhore, urges

free to use

type of CNC; i was out with some friends.. hung out pretty much all day..drank from bar to bar; eventually we got tired of the bar scene so got some booze and thought of hanging out at the local this point we’ve been drinking and smoking all day…the group started out with a half a dozen friends; as the night came down; people are starting to go on their way home;soon there were only 3-4 friends left..and 1 of them Drew started a conversation somehow we started talking about CNC…and that got the interests of a few including this point i already knew what it is and what it entails; so i thought..i’d like to learn more if there are more aspects to the kink CNC..

to ensure everyone know what CNC-side note; CNC – the C stands for consensual and NC- stands for non consensual is a situation where you give consent to whatever happened; the non consent part if protected by a safe word..which means you dont really give consent but then if it turns you on..would let it go.. if it’s something that you dont want then you can use the safe word then the entire situation is stopped. kind of like no; and it had to be respected; thats the rule of engagement; of course there is a fine line of how this play out. anyways thats how i understood what CNC is..

Drew then looked over to me..and went on about what free use is..a variation of CNC but once agreed; you are free use to whomever is involved and as the CNC evolves it takes on different animal. thats sound interesting Drew..the other 3 guys also said game;

fast forward; the guys took me to a house party in town..and the scenario is that were not supposed to know each other; and showed up in separate group; and im supposed to show up as the hired Go-go Dancer- someone ordered for the party. the guys arrived later.. the agreement was that i am free to use…and the safe word was not No..that would be too obvious. the safe word is FREE TO USE.

so i knock on the door in a skimpy semi rib tees with high heels; some guys open the door; i smiled..may i come in? im vickie your go go girl for the night…the guys said of course girl come on in.. guys im a go go dancer; so i will dance for you…in the middle of the room they cleared the table; and put me up on the table..i had a sign on top.. “FREE TO USE” was the game to see what people the music came on and i started to dance..a guy drag me down to him and said give me a lap dance i started grinding my ass onto him..pretty soon i was giving lap dances to all the guys..1 guy came and brought me a drink..then i heard the door bell this is when my friends Drew and other guys came in..crashing the party.. at this point. i was taking a rest..chatting with another guy..he was holding me..and talking up..and asked for my this point Drew came by..and introduce himself as if we didnt know each other..Drew says: so youre free to use? i smiled at him and didnt say anything..but nodded yes i am FTU.



its been raining pretty hard the past couple weeks , when it rains im usually bored at home with nothing to do. whatever i wear to go out will get wet; so going out is pretty much limited; unless i carry un umbrella or a raincoat; thats no fun..cant really go to the beach or go shopping; so i hate the rain really..because it tend to dampen my plans; no pun intended of course..

what do guys do when it rain; stay indoors too? watch some movies? watch some games; tell me your go to plans when it rains…

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