Basic skill

i’ve been asked to blog on this topic; so i’d like to start with what happened recently; it happened to me; it wasnt planned or anything; maybe from the guy perspective; you guys are always expecting that right? be honest? anyhow i didn’t expect a full on blow job on a first date but anyhow i wore a low cut tees; not sure at first how how i was supposed to be dress for a first date; my girlfriends suggest i show some deep cleavage; since my tits are fairly large for my frame; i’m actually 34 B cup; but u usually would wear a smaller cup since it look like to fill it up..better. it did the trick, because my date and those around us was staring quite intently…my date name was Todd and he’s a few years older than me; i think he looks late 20’s or early 30s; it was a blind date kind of i guess; my girlfriend’s cousin so she said; Todd picked me up in an Uber; since we were going to be drinking and have a good time; so i thought that was good of him wanted us to be safe and still have a good time. he wore jeans and simple dress shirt; he was fairly good looking and so i was happy that Kristin my gf fixed us up; i am sure he would be a great date; from where i can see; as I open my apartment door; he took my hand & gave a quick hug hey vickie; you’re so cute..i said thanks Todd; as we walked toward the car so he open the door to the uber; the driver glance at me; and did a double take when he saw my top..i just smiled; i took a seat in the car; Todd slid in next to me with his hands on my strandling on my ass and waist..i smiled; the driver then stepped on the gas. Todd is very muscular and i felt he was holding me very firm and tight which i liked. i turn to Todd to make small talk; kind to lighten things up a bit; so where are we heading Todd?; Todd look down on me; you’ll find out; i then noticed Todd’s bulging; i inadvertently had my elbow on it and notice it. i thought to myself wow that was fast. Todd glance down at my top. i’m only 4’9 and Todd is 5’10 so he really was towering over me. Todd then had his hands over my breast and start squeezing gently. i glanced up at him and smiled; but didnt fight it; i think he was really turned on..i saw Todd lean over to the driver and whispered something not sure what. and saw that he slipped him some cash. the ride is not over but i guess thats a tip Todd hand to the driver already…Todd then sat back; and said: girl you turn me on so much already…i smile; really Todd? he then grab my hands and place my hands over his crotch.. he says; bitch know what to do right?wow Todd really worked fast..i didnt know what to say..Todd then unbuckle his belt and unzip himself; and pull out his long manhood and place it in my mouth;..i just knew that my blind date has started….Todd is at least 8-9 inches and thick; i can tell that he’s turned on. he was erected pretty fast..i can start to taste his precum almost immediately…Todd fucking whore..Todd yelled… i can felt him growing bigger in mouth; he then pushed his shaft down my throat; i almost gasp trying to breathe thourhg my nose as shove his shaft down my throat; stretch my mouth and throat to the max. i can take it pretty deep and i think that turned him on; i can sense him cumming in my throat and filling up my stomach with his cum… as if Todd try to squeeze every ounce of his cum into my throat; some of it spilling out around my mouth; i almost gag but didnt; Todd as he filling up his cum in my mouth;… you Fucking whore; he then pull it out; i finally could draw a breath; and look at Todd; The driver did not even look back; earning his tip from before… i smiled at Todd; i like it when you call me that.. Todd then slapped me; of course you do whore! you’re my whore now!



i can feel it already; i have work and final exam is coming up soon; so i need to start clamp down and study; so i cant be too picky and selective in men that is…i was at the on campus library this particular morning and trying to focus on my studies; but i catch myself keep looking up whenever someone walks by; im so easily distracted. i was at a long desk in the middle of the floor; there were only a few at my table; as they i are studying as well. i promised myself that i wont look up again; then someone brush against my back seat. i told myself im not going to look up; but then i did; i caught a glance of couple guys looking toward me.. not sure what they’re staring at. i look down and i guess i lost a pair of buttons and my shirt was open and was showing a little cleavage. oh thats why theyre staring? i look up again and caught their eyes staring towards me..i decide to ignore them; no time now; need to focus on my studies..1 of the guys brought over a cup of coffee..and he said; hey: ..not sure if you drank coffee..thought i got an extra cup for a pretty girl; i look up..and he look down my blouse all the while talking to me..i thought to myself..i try not to date people from school as i dont want to get the word around; i ignored my urges and said why thank you. he gently laid the cup of coffee down and said its still hot; you may want to drink it now while its hot. its pretty good..then he turned around and walked away. i picked up the cup and started to take a few sips; it tasted odd but good. i needed to wake up..this might do the trick..i took a few more sips; and got back to my studies..but then i felt dizzy and sleepy..tried to keep my eyes open; at that moment; the 2 guys came over and helped me get up and as i lean over to them. my legs felt numb and i couldnt walk for some of the guys mentioned to those around the room; she’s our sister; she’s just tired; we will take her to get some fresh air. i continue to lean onto them as they walked me to the back..they then lay me down on the floor. I still can’t feel my legs but I can sense my surroundings..they then tore my clothes off . They then took turns eating and licking my pussy. Although I can have my feelings back in my legs I pretended to still be out.1 of the guy then slip his erected cock and shove it in my pussy; it felt amazing. With each stroke, i can feel his shaft penetrating..after a few strokes..i then vagal and squeeze his shaft as he enters deep and that put more pressure on his shaft; after a few more strokes i can sense him cumming i felt it spilling around his shaft. He then keep fucking me after a few minutes as he’s tired out I can sense him cumming inside me. Then the other guys turned to shove his tip of the head he was alot bigger ; i felt pain as it stretches my vagina he then push his cock deep inside me; i then squeeze his shoulder; and he can sense that i am enjoying and not merely being forced; that got him excited even more; he then said; bitch you are so hot; i wanted to fuck you the moment i laid eyes on you.. he then continue to thrust his massive cock inside me…i didnt want it to stop. i screamed fuck me harder and faster.. he then slap me shut up whore.but the slap only excite me more and he can tell; so he slap me some more with each thrust. you want this whore! and he slap me some more but that only excited me.. his stamina was alot stronger then the previous guy..i can sense that i then held me closer..and could not hold back my excitement; fuck me daddy…fuck me like im your little girl. fuck me; he again slap me and with his fist punch my face this time. but i didnt felt any pain; beyond the pain there was i was trying to tap into that euphoric feeling. i think he is about to cum as i as well…for some reason i think our climax with each thrust and each slap synchronize.. then he finally came..i also came around the same was euphoric..i glanced at the other guy had his phone and he was streaming i found out later…he says. dont worry i only showed your face you will be famous. i was exhausted….he then stood up and they both left me…but before leaving me..they both said.. we will see each other again..whore..i found out later..that they had use my phone to take pictures and videos of me..and if i said anything they would send to all my contacts on the i did not dare say 1 word after this event.


school’s out..


i’ve never gotten high and dont really do drugs; but on a few occasions; i swear i think im high; have you ever drank enough shit that it got you high ; sometimes a little buzz is better than fucken drunk; i dont drink til the point im going to puke or anything; i dont think i ever have. i feel that i could stop and not drink that much;..but then there are times that i’d want to be so wasted that i dont know what’s going on.. i want to be able to feel that; numb everything and lose all inhibition; have you ever thought of that;
anyhow there was this one time after i got done with finals at school ; as i was gearing to get my stuff and head home for christmas..i was in my dorm; most people already cleared out and head for home. i was about to leave as well; and almost done packing then i heard some footsteps from down the hall; the litted hallway suddently went dark; maybe the building just lost power?; the afternoon light from the window now only had dim light in the room; so i guess i need to get out of here soon; but i’m not finishing packing; i went out to the hallway; but it was already dark; trying to see if there’s a light switch; as i was moving down the hallway; suddenly i can feel someone breathing on the back of my neck. i turn around; but didnt see anyone. as i continue to move down the hall; then i found a light switch; but apparently power was out; i knew i had to get out of here very soon; as i turned the corner; a pair of hands reach out to my shoulder; that startled me;i look up..hello..? whos that? i found out it was the security guard; Mister Bob; oh im glad its you Mister Bob; what happen to the lights? he said i dont know missy; are you ok? why are you still here? i was packing and it all got dark; Mister Bob then says who’s here with you? i said im by myself; i was busy packing to go home and forgot the time…Mister Bob then took my hands and said follow me missy…so i went with Mister Bob; it was dark i couldnt see anything; so i grabbed onto Mister Bob. Mister Bob as if he knew that i was scared so he put his arms around my waist.. and led me down the hall..then i started noticing his hands moved downward to my ass..i was too scared and didnt pay attention; Mister Bob then said; hold on tight Missy; dont get lost..Mister Bob then stopped; and put out a joint to light up; Missy you need to smoke this; it will relaxed you; youre too tense..i think he has a point; so i took a couple drag; and i think that did the trick; i got relaxed; but then i felt dizzy though..after a few minutes; Mister Bob continued down the hallway; its as if we were going in circles or i felt that we were going in Mister Bob lied me down…then he grabbed me..and start kissing me and squeezing my tits; i go Mister Bob what are you doing? but he wouldnt stop and kept kissing this point suddenly i didnt have any energy…he tore my top he started to suck my tits..strangely i got excited now and started to moan..he started kissing my neck and kissing my lips; not sure why i started kissing him back..he felt that i was responding; so he was happy..bitch you are so sexy..for the longest time i wanted to fuck you really bad..but you never even pay attention to me..bitch i am going to fuck you good. Mister Bob then unzip himself and pull out his cock; wow he is huge..i love big cocks too..i guess this is happening..i grabbed his cock and place in my mouth and start to suck on him. sliding down his shaft. it appears he enjoys it..Bitch suck it baby…as if he is close..he pull it out of my mouth…i wasnt quite done yet.. 🙂 he then shove his cock into my pussy..i moan with each thrust.. I hope he pull out; but guys never do…goes on for at least 10 minutes but hes still going…then he finally came..i can feel his cum spray inside me…he didnt pull out… Bitch youre going to have a black baby next year…!



i remember it was during my first summer after my first year of college; i was working at local mall as a cashier girl making minimum wage; an aunt of mine who owns a salon place downtown san diego was checking up on me; My aunt is my mom’s sister so we were pretty close;. she asked me to stop by her salon store; which i never did before even though we were close. It was friday morning my Aunt Rosie ask me to stop by the salon and we may get a bite to eat. i had a hard time finding a place but i finally found it; i came to the right address but the signs says Asian Massage Paradise; not any salon so i was confused and not sure im at the right building; there was a couple gentleman walking up to the front door as i make my way up the stairs.. they gave me a quick stare from top to bottom. i smiled at them; they open the door for me as i walk in; i was looking for my aunt ; i didnt see her yet; but as i make my way inside; there was a 3-4 other men also waiting in the front lobby..they kind of all looking toward my directions. one of the men then came up to me..and said: ” can i request you my dear?” i didnt understand..with puzzled on my face..then my aunt came out from behind the back..she was tending to her customers and didnt see me i guess this is the right place. Auntie has massage parlour not a salon..i was surprised. Auntie then turned over to me..Vickiee so glad you can stop by..kind of crazy day today; we are very busy.. just go to my room and she pointed to the back and wait for auntie.. so i made my way back ; and went into the back room; a few minutes later.. my auntie popped in and said vickie you mind helping me doing some massages? If they ask for he(happy ending) just say you’d get another masseuse in. Can u? I said sure auntie. Where do u want me to start. She then pointed to room 5 . He just got in there. I gathered all the toiletries then proceeded to room 5; I opened the door slightly and walked inside. An older gentleman already in there lying down face up. I said hello. I was wearing a lower cut tees and skirt. I introduced myself and make some small talk. He then said you must be new. I said not really I just don’t work as often. I lay a light cloth over the gentleman; and reached over to his shoulder. I’m pretty short 4’9 to be exact. And could not reach the top of his shoulder as I’m leaning to reach him ; he put his arm around my waist and grab my ass I smiled . and continue to work on his shoulder and then moved down his back; he then reached back and moved his hands up my back and massaging my back; i smiled; sir; im supposed to be doing the massage; he laughed; youre a cute thing; he tried to kiss me then; i turned my head; sir; i have to insist; he then stopped; i can started to see his erection now; i then asked him to turn over; i then start to work his legs and thighs; and down to his ankles and feet..i then asked are you relaxed now? he said yes i am sweetie; then i climbed on his back and used my feet to loosen his back muscles; after a few minutes; i motioned him to turn over; i was on his back still; he turned over and i started to step on his chest gingerly; he then said you are very good; can i request you next time; or may i have your number? sure thing i said; although im not supposed to give out my number; i decide to just because he was so nice; after we exchanged numbers; i continued to work his upper thigh; and moved down to his buttocks and with some more oil and massaged his rectum; i think he enjoyed that..and and moved down to his balls; he was older so his balls was sagging a bit; but i tried to handle it easier; and this point he started to get erected. and so although im not supposed to. i decide to massage his shafts; and ask him did you want to release his cum. but dont tell the owner that i did this..he smiled and said i wont; he asked if i could suck his cock; it will feel better and most guys come in here always look for this; i said sure but dont tell anyone i will be in i started to massage his balls and at the same time sucking his shafts; i can start to taste his precum..i asked did you want to release his cum inside my mouth he moaned oh i continue to suck more harder and after a few minutes he did cum inside my throat and i swallowed; the cum tastes very fresh; i knew he was healthy and clean.. i continue to suck until he has no more cum.. and i allowed him to i was cleaning up; he handed me some cash as tips ..i said thank you but you dont need to give me too much. i only took the customary and hand him back the rest. he said i will call me; i said sure; we can go out for coffee or something;…