inferior, slut


What does that really mean? Permission is granted? Why is this even up for debate? As a girl a female I already know permission is not necessary? I never say no to any men… as female I understand that I am inferior to all men. I never understood feminism. I submit to all men. I seek their approval all the time..



its been raining pretty hard the past couple weeks , when it rains im usually bored at home with nothing to do. whatever i wear to go out will get wet; so going out is pretty much limited; unless i carry un umbrella or a raincoat; thats no fun..cant really go to the beach or go shopping; so i hate the rain really..because it tend to dampen my plans; no pun intended of course..

what do guys do when it rain; stay indoors too? watch some movies? watch some games; tell me your go to plans when it rains…

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