Story of how I started to submit to men

i am very early in my journey…i may get this wrong; but through my experiences the way i understood; that i am wired; i like to do what the boy or guy tells me.. i was in high school i was like in the ninth grade .i was already a little developped at that age..we were playing tag football in PE with seniors i remember..i was going for the ball and then caught the ball as i attempt to run toward the goal line..i was pretty fast runner other boys were running after me..i ran as fast i could but then got tackled and fell onto the tee shirt flew up and as the boy trying rip the ball..he inadvertently brush against my breast..i was still small but have deveoped..and that brush alone awoke something inside me..i felt an urge..but we were playing ball.. i think the boy felt it too..and so he was looking at me kinda weird..but didnt say anything.. he then took the ball from me..i was mad and jumped on him trying to take it back…but another kid wrestled me to the ground and pin me to the ground..other boys were just looking.. at that moment the teacher whistled for us to all go most everyone then gathered their things. but the three boys including the one that still had me pin down..the boys were a few years older than me i think..its been so long..Drew..the boy that pin me down..”hey vickie…so you like playing with boys? why are you taking this class?” i was shy didnt say anything..i just said..i like playing ball.. it was getting late..i was wondering if the Drew want something..i didnt want to make him mad.. oh you like playing ball? then he and other 2 boys..guess what Vickie…we’ll let you play with our’s that? i didnt say anything..i was a bit scared..then the other 2 boys hover around Drew and me.. Drew then moved his hand under my tee shirt..and touch my breast..hey you got tits..and point out to Kelly and Tom. hey guys she got and Tom..then also lift up my shirt..and squeeze my tits..tried to squirm around..but scared to say if they found a new toy….Vickie Drew like dont you? i dare not argue..yes i do thank you.. Drew and Kelly then threw me over their shoulder.. i tried to move..but couldnt ..there was a shed in the back of ball field where the agriculture department kept their tools.. they brought me inside the shed and threw me down.. Drew then tell me..youre going to enjoy this right Vickie? i said yes…but i dont know whats going on…they then took my shorts off..and and started kissing my pussy..i was so overwhelmed ..i was scared and excited at the same time.. then all 3 of them were kissing my body..sucking my tits.. Vickie Tom said.. you belong to us ok? i looked at him..and just nodded yes.. you are ours now and you have to keep this a secret..i said yes..Drew corrected me..yes sir..i then said yes sir..Tom then said took out his cock and said Vickie open up your mouth..i did that..he then put his cock in my mouth..suck that..this was the first time i did didnt know what to do..but as i suck ..i can tell Tom.. liked it…after a few minutes..he came in my mouth..this was the first time tasting cum..i didnt know what it was..but it was salty.and sweet..(i really like it..kinda weird but i wanted to taste more;.as it drool out of my mouth Tom slapped me..and lick it all up bitch..i was hurt and Drew put me down on the ground and proceed to insert his now erected cock in my pussy..i screamed of the pain..Drew then slap me..and grab my throat..if you dont shut up..each time i yelled or whimper i got a slap..slap slap…Drew then after a few going to cum…Bitch im going to cum..didnt know what that meant. Kelly got a hold of me..and also fuck me that day..all in all we were in that shed until almost 3 hours..they took turn fucking me as i suck each of them..

before we left the shed..Drew said..remember this is our cannot breathe this to anyone do you hear Bitch.. i said yes i understand..

Going home..i didnt know what had happened although scary but was enjoyable for me.. in the ensuing months we would meet up in the shed multiple times..even though they all have girlfriends.. (their girlfriends never found out..)but i was their whore!

It was the beginning of my submissive journey..

2 thoughts on “Story of how I started to submit to men”

  1. you little sexy cambo bitch , i got hard reading your little story , i appreciate you putting your picture there because that really helped me out and i gave a good squirt right on your face .
    you better not stop writing these stories you fucken little ho , i quite enjoyed wanking off to you

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