random daily thought

i was just daydreaming.. and thinking of an outfit that i saw at Victoria Secret the other day..then some one tapped on my shoulder..a husky black guy in a security uniform that i dont recognize; must be a new employee from another department. i work in accounting and i dont recall seeing him..he was towering me from behind..he put his hands on my shoulder and look down from the top he can see my cleavage; i was wearing a low cut tees today because it was a rather hot day.. he said..hello miss; whats your name..Im Tom my first day here..i work in security. i glanced up and said oh hello welcome to the company…i’m Vickiee..im in accounting..glad to meet you… he continue to look down my blouse..and enjoying the sight of my cleavage..and making small talk..I like being stared at. I look down and look up. As if he saw me looking up. He looked away.. so cute.. As he looked away I quickly unbutton a few more to let my cleavage show more… I think he noticed in…as a sign ..

sipping from a boba juice a co-worker just bought for me..and enjoying the few minutes of break we had..sitting in the breakroom thinking of what to do tonight.. checking my phone for any notification from my social media app..twitter and instragram for messages..didnt see any that peak my interest..same kind of messages. i usually dont respond to them during the day when im out and about..

i then said..very nice meeting you..my breaks is over heading back to work..Tom then said..likewise..let me walk you back to your desk..i thought that was nice of him..as i stood up..he held my hand to help me up from my seat.. he never took his eye off of my blouse.. he’s obviously enjoyed that..i usually like being noticed..and gawk at all the time..i get off of stuff like that..so i just smiled…so as Tom walked me back to my desk..he brushed across my breast..he then looked at me..and i just smiled..to show him that i dont mind his advances.. then he ask do you mind if i get your number..? i go sure…whats your number ..i will text over to you..

later that afternoon he kept texting me..i enjoyed reading them.. but i didnt respond.. back;

Photo by Josu00e9 Luis Photographer on Pexels.com