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Random thoughts of the day – 01/18/2021

Its Monday; comes Monday blues..lying in bed; glanced over to my phone for the time and  for messages ; there’s a half dozen unread texts.. and about couple dozens notifications from my social media app. Glanced at the clock ..its 4:24 am… still unable to wake up. I usually wake up early for my morning job and then stopping by at the local gym..but this is different although it is still Monday..cannot sleep in today..then suddenly I realized; I’m not in my own bed..what happened last night? Where am i..trying to recall what had happened the previous I peruse my surroundings; I remember I had a late call for dinner from a friend..met him.. and a few a local pub..think we had dinner and a few drinks..that as far as I remembered..oddly.. felt the urge to go I slowly got out of bed..the room felt cold..not knowing where I am..grabbed my phone to turn on the phone light..and moved around the room. Not sure who else is turns out to be a hotel room..i finally made my way to the bathroom. Noticed that I was wearing a men’s dress shirt..odd who does this belong to..sat down and pee..felt so good..still don’t remember how I got here.. my clit felt sore..and look down..and massage the tender area..i can see there some slimy..substance..and poke at it..and smelled..familiar smell..smelled like men’s semen.. did I fuck last night? Can’t recall now..but I do feel good..

Not your typical morning..but I guess it is typical for a strange bed..being fucked by strange men… good start to a Monday..

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