does size matter?

i get alot of question about that;; some guys are insecure of their sizes..i mean i do like a big cock;;whats big? the guys ive seen ranging from 5-6 inches to 7,8 inches; i mean i dont go around and measuring guys dicks.. who would do that No matter what the guys size ..i always complement him wow you have a big cock… he always like that…some guys are afraid that i might not like will grow bigger in my mouth so no worries guys.. but i have seen really huge guys; like 10 inches..not sure if big cock can fuck me..but to my surprise it always will work..

most guys that i run into are mostly average size.. but i do like guys that have big cocks. just alot more to suck on.. i mean i dont go around asking for people dick size.. but looking at a person you can always tell..most of the time.. but then sometimes.. a guy would tell you ahead of time.. Honey are you into big cock? cuz i do have something on my face tells people i like big cock? or my sluttiness?? lol

anyhow; at the end of the day… i will fuck any guy..i just love cock..of any race…

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