pick up

i had an interesting experience riding in an uber recently; i didnt know that you can select a private ride or a shared ride; i I was in Vegas for a wedding-so I came in town early so I thought of maybe partying early-so I pulled up my app and just selected for the least expensive one; so i guess when i do that you are actually sharing the ride with other passengers. i did not know that. i was planning on hitting the local bar scene in town and didnt want to drive as i was planning on drinking i hope; guys would buy me drinks; for that to happen i knew i had to dress in a way to attract i thought..i then hailed an uber; i was waiting at the corner of my hotel for the uber ride; i was dressed a little skimpy with a cut up tees midriff…showing a little underboob action.. with a short blazer and skimpy shorts.. i figured i’d at least get a few drinks!:) I was standing at the corner street by my hotel to wait for my Uber..the app says the driver is about 5 minutes away.. i have the urges really bad today; hoping to get fucked up tonight ; there’s some good nba games on hopefully i can be the groups entertainment? can i be your pleasure? (disclaimer- i’m not a pro so am not trying to hustle guys or anything; i just want to give pleasure; and serve men ; i am not a professional so i’m not a professional escort or anything; but i can be if guys like it..

got picked up..

here is a pic of me after I got picked up and before being fucked..

after standing waiting for my uber; a couple cars did stop by and people just look; but those were not my uber; the app says it will be a honda SUV; then another car approached me; i knew it wasnt my Uber. but then it slowly came to a stop.. the window then rolled down..a guy popped his head out; ” hey honey. want to catch a ride with us?” i said; im actually waiting for my uber.. then he said; cmon’ we’ll take you wherever you want to go no charge? i then said: well thank you sir..but i already paid for my uber.. He then said we got you’s $100 for that Uber ride he then handed me a crisp $100 bill..and there’s plenty more where that came some high rollers….you’re a hot ass bitch….we like how you let your tits hang out like that girl! what’s your name hoe..i said well thank you. im vickie and i was just going to the local club downtown.. not too he then opened his back door; and a couple black guys was in the back; motioned to me to come on; felt the urge and curiosity so i moved toward the car..while I was still contemplating they grabbed me by the arm almost tore my arm off my socket and pulled in the limo..the big black guy with big gold chains around his neck.motioned me to sit on his lap..and I can feel his strength and muscles which I like..the other guys in start to grope my tits ..dam girl your tits so fine and firm..just the size we like..hey vickie youre a hot babe…i said thank you.. his name is Drew..he says what are you into? We got drugsxx ; booze cash whatever turns you on to party hard..I smile..said wow..Drew then says; cool.. stick with us and be our hoe for the night? how’s that? i smiled didnt say anything..Drew then told the driver to drive.. Drew pulled me closer.. you mind if we examined the merchandize? i said sure.. merchandise? he grabbed my tits and start groping me right away.. I was turned on..and reach down took my jean shorts off..i was startled; but i was getting hot.. and enjoyed it..and wanted more..but I pretended to be shy…he used his fingers and felt up my inside…i was started to get wet..Drew smiled..and said the rest of the guys in the car..i think she’s ready to party…he then continue to play with my was so hot..i knew i hit the jackpot..and wanted more.. as he was feeling my inside further another guy then start to squeeze my ass- he then says; bitch you got nice ass, and then grab my hips; Drew then kiss and suck on my neck and made his way to my lips. Drew is a really good kisser and i was so much into Drew kiss as he put his tongue deep in my mouth; he smelled so manly; i love the men’s smell; the sweaty smell turns me on.. Drew then took a hit of a joint and blew it into my mouth; his breath met mine; i then felt another pair of lips sucking on my pussy lips..i started to moan at this point.. .Let’s get u up to our room we’re at the Caesars. How’s that sound! I smile that sound great. At this point the limo stopped and we all got out..Drew then put me over his shoulder like a rag doll.. the group was 2 huge black guys Drew and Mark..1 white guy and a Mexican dude. All big and muscular. I look kinda funny with them since I’m only 4ft 9 and weighing not much more than 105 lbs..But they seem fun. Everyone was looking at me as we make our way through the lobby. After talking to some of locals in the lobby Drew and the guys carry me making our way to the elevator. The second black guy said to Drew should we get a couple more girls. Drew then said nah. We got this hoe for the entire night . And they all high five. Mark was his name.. ask me so Hoe you’re up to having fun? I said sure whatever u guys want.

It was a very spacious room..with large tv everywhere..and there was panoramic view of the city.. as I was in awe of the surroundings. Drew pulled me aside and said:” let’s see how you like this.. but before this take couple of these to relax u. He handed me a couple blue pills before I could say anything he shoved in my mouth. In a few seconds … I started to feel really warm and hot..and aroused ..Drew as if he knew what I felt.. dont worry you’d be fine in a minute.. he held me close and started kissing me. I just melted and wrap my tongue around his….Mark who was behind me pulled my shorts down my ankles. Then I felt his tongue slide into my ass and pussy..he was eating ferociously… I was wet very fast and felt like I wanted to cum but couldn’t just yet. Then Victor the white guy whip out his massive cock I look up and saw..bitch he says let’s see if you can deep throat this so they flung me on the coffee table near by and shove his cock down my throat as he’s sliding his cock in and out of my throat. I think I was shaking so much that it rattled the coffee table. At that moment Drew whip out his huge black cock and then use the tip of his head to play with my pussy trying to pry my lips to open..when it did he shoved deep in my pussy… it was pretty snug tho.. Drew yelled out bitch you make me feel good..Dam your pussy is fine.. I think we’re gonna fuck you all night mama!! As he’s saying that he continues to shove his cock inside me I am being fucked on both ends…Victor finally cum in my throat and cum was spilling in my face….Victor then squeeze every last drop on my face… bitch eat that shit!! As i was licking the side of my face. Drew continue to drive his cock inside me .. his hands on my throat.. as if that didn’t satisfy him enough..he slap my face you fucking whore!! What you gonna do..?! Drew then says again take that you whore..who’s the whore Drew ask.. I scream I am a dirty whore! Drew as if satisfied with that! Yea you’re a fucking dirty whore! We’re gonna fuck you all night! Then as Drew reach his climax.. he says it’s cumming now! Omg he came so much I felt like as if he’s filling up my entire uterus! It didn’t stop seem like a whole minute! Drew then yelled dam girl youre a fine ass..! I think i’m going to keep you for awhile now! I was exhausted but still managed a smile.. Drew then pulled up a joint and lit it up. Here u go girl you earned this; although I don’t smoke but didn’t want to turn Drew down..but as i took the first drag; i was surprised that i liked it. Drew then pulled over and took some tattoo ink he had and carved into my chest…the word… “DREW’S CUNT” …you are now my property you hear Cunt..i was taken aback..i guess im not supposed to be anything else but “Drew’s Cunt”.. yes sir i said.. Drew then said go ahead and wash up..Im going to show off my shining new Whore..Drew then put a collar on my symbolize now i am his property…..I went into the washroom and started to clean myself off… still pretty sore.. for some reason I wanted more of what just happened.. I am such a whore..while I was getting ready to change a pound on the bathroom door . Cmon bitch what’s take u so long we don’t have all night!? The sound of the door pounding startled me. I open the door it was Drew.. he grabbed me by the neck and pulled me outside.. there’s a few more dudes out there.. they all stared at me salivating and itching to get at me.. My hair was still wet from taking a shower…i apologized for being wet..Drew then ask what are you?..i glanced at Drew and said softly….i am “Drew’s cunt”..he appear to be satifsfied. yes thats right bitch.. remember that..well.. …since now you’re my property… Drew then says these guys are my business partners.. I want you to entertain them..Guys.. she’s all yours….. don’t worry girl we’ll get u some new clothes there’s a shop downstairs.. but then that’s a another story…


first time getting high

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it was a christmas party at work; due to the pandemic ;we had to keep the party small and more intimate; i was invited to one of the co-worker place; we were not that close at work; i sometime see him around; but never really interacted with Mark; thats his name. Mark approached me one day in the breakroom; hey Vickie; what are you doing this weekend. i glanced up and saw Mark checking me out; i was wearing a tight nit blouse with skinny jeans; i smiled; and said nothing planned yet; Mark said we are getting a few folks from other departments at my place for a christmas party; hope you can join us. would you be free? i said sure i’ll be free; he then handed an invitation and we exchange phone numbers.

i really didnt see him much the next few days; then i started noticing other people at work were giving me looks and glancing at me a little different. but i didnt really pay attention;

then the day of the party came..not sure how to dress. i texted Mark. see you guys tonight; how should i be dressed for your party? is it formal or casual; he then says whatever you want; you’re always very sexy; so just dress how you would normally would dress. Sexy? i didnt know i was known to be sexy; no one made that comment before? i replied; will do Mark. see you then..

i was at home getting ready;the invitations says 8:30 pm so i was taking my time..suddenly at 5 pm; someone was at my door ringing my door;

i opened the door it was Mark and 3 other guys..i was surprised; Hey Mark; what are you doing here..Mark who was already drinking i can smell booze under his breath; pushes his way in ..stumbling over his feet and fell onto me. Mark are you ok?the other guys whose name were Kit, Dell and Steve also came through; i was just in my tees and shorts so definitely not dressed for receiving company.

Mark then came to..Vickie; i thought we – preparty before the real party and drive you over the party. but thought you’d want to party first. i was surprise; and smiled; sure thing Mark make you guys at home. Mark then pull me to his side and sat me down on his lap; he pulled out some pills and smokes from his pocket; and he asks you got beer here? i said yes; let me go get some. meanwhile the other guys went to the kitchen and grabbled drinks already;

Vickie wanna play a game? i said sure;- he whisper in my ear; during this game its going to be fun. if you want to stop just say the word “water” i didnt understand. its a secret word once you say it the game stops; i go ok…what game are we playing..Kit handed me a beer and ask Mark did the game started yet? Mark says hold on let her sip that beer; Kit pull me over onto his lap.

Mark lit up the smoke and took a long drag and slammed me to the ground; and said opened your mouth..he then shoved the smoke in my face so i had to smoke it; he yelled just take couple deep breaths. i said i dont know how to smoke. i started coughing . he then said; dont waste my fucking smokes bitch..i was surpised by his tone but wasnt scared.. so i took a few more drags..pretty soon i felt really buzzed as if i was drinking; felt as if was floating..suddenly feeling euphoric..all loose…really good;.. never felt like this before.. Is this how being stoned from marijuana; this is great..everything appear so nice and pleasant ..and does it make you especially horny? Because right now I just want to fuck..i yell out to Mark and his friends..”fuck me! your whore..Mark and his friends started to rip my clothes off..Vickie you are such a sexy’re asking for it;; so we will obliged..the guys start to suck my tits…Mark then pulled his cock and dangle it in my face..and he point the tip on my face..i can smell his cock..he’s already dripping his precum..i open my mouth and use my tongue to touch and lick his cock…i knew he wanted to open my mouth..he is 9-10 inches and thick; when he standing his cock almost touch the floor; it is so long and so already visualising sucking his i started to suck his head..his friends at this point also pull out their cocks and put in my i was taking turns sucking 3 cocks ..i couldnt stopped…Mark then slap my face..right and left..suck our cocks bitch! the harder he slap….the hotter i got..! pretty much they were all erected..Mark then slap me again..we are going to abuse your holes all at the same time..and thats what they did..i was on my side..taking all 3 cocks at the same time…not sure how long time went by…but when i came to…i was still on the floor…naked..still stoned the rabid session…


first look first impression

dating is fun but was also nervousness; especially when youre trying to make a good impression; a look a stare a touch; the anticipation of how the date will end; does he like me; is he looking at me..does he like what he sees; is my hair ok? does he like how i dress? am i sexy enough ? should i show more cleavage or less? should i touch his hand or allow him to touch my hair; all these thoughts is racing; does my smile look inviting; licking my lips does that show that i think he’s cute; what if he touches me or hold me; how should i respond? should i let him kiss me? or should i kiss him first? should i be ez and let him touch me or should i resist his advances…no i do want him to touch me, hold me, if he kisses me i will kiss back; does my tits look inviting to him? Shout show more cleavage? Do I mean him or others stare at my tits? Hell no I like it when I get stare at. Do I want men to squeeze my tits playfully? Hell yes.

in all of these thoughts; not really paying attention to people around me; it was a crowded room; but i not noticing anyone; i am giving him my total attention as it should be..