first time getting high

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it was a christmas party at work; due to the pandemic ;we had to keep the party small and more intimate; i was invited to one of the co-worker place; we were not that close at work; i sometime see him around; but never really interacted with Mark; thats his name. Mark approached me one day in the breakroom; hey Vickie; what are you doing this weekend. i glanced up and saw Mark checking me out; i was wearing a tight nit blouse with skinny jeans; i smiled; and said nothing planned yet; Mark said we are getting a few folks from other departments at my place for a christmas party; hope you can join us. would you be free? i said sure i’ll be free; he then handed an invitation and we exchange phone numbers.

i really didnt see him much the next few days; then i started noticing other people at work were giving me looks and glancing at me a little different. but i didnt really pay attention;

then the day of the party came..not sure how to dress. i texted Mark. see you guys tonight; how should i be dressed for your party? is it formal or casual; he then says whatever you want; you’re always very sexy; so just dress how you would normally would dress. Sexy? i didnt know i was known to be sexy; no one made that comment before? i replied; will do Mark. see you then..

i was at home getting ready;the invitations says 8:30 pm so i was taking my time..suddenly at 5 pm; someone was at my door ringing my door;

i opened the door it was Mark and 3 other guys..i was surprised; Hey Mark; what are you doing here..Mark who was already drinking i can smell booze under his breath; pushes his way in ..stumbling over his feet and fell onto me. Mark are you ok?the other guys whose name were Kit, Dell and Steve also came through; i was just in my tees and shorts so definitely not dressed for receiving company.

Mark then came to..Vickie; i thought we – preparty before the real party and drive you over the party. but thought you’d want to party first. i was surprise; and smiled; sure thing Mark make you guys at home. Mark then pull me to his side and sat me down on his lap; he pulled out some pills and smokes from his pocket; and he asks you got beer here? i said yes; let me go get some. meanwhile the other guys went to the kitchen and grabbled drinks already;

Vickie wanna play a game? i said sure;- he whisper in my ear; during this game its going to be fun. if you want to stop just say the word “water” i didnt understand. its a secret word once you say it the game stops; i go ok…what game are we playing..Kit handed me a beer and ask Mark did the game started yet? Mark says hold on let her sip that beer; Kit pull me over onto his lap.

Mark lit up the smoke and took a long drag and slammed me to the ground; and said opened your mouth..he then shoved the smoke in my face so i had to smoke it; he yelled just take couple deep breaths. i said i dont know how to smoke. i started coughing . he then said; dont waste my fucking smokes bitch..i was surpised by his tone but wasnt scared.. so i took a few more drags..pretty soon i felt really buzzed as if i was drinking; felt as if was floating..suddenly feeling euphoric..all loose…really good;.. never felt like this before.. Is this how being stoned from marijuana; this is great..everything appear so nice and pleasant ..and does it make you especially horny? Because right now I just want to fuck..i yell out to Mark and his friends..”fuck me! your whore..Mark and his friends started to rip my clothes off..Vickie you are such a sexy’re asking for it;; so we will obliged..the guys start to suck my tits…Mark then pulled his cock and dangle it in my face..and he point the tip on my face..i can smell his cock..he’s already dripping his precum..i open my mouth and use my tongue to touch and lick his cock…i knew he wanted to open my mouth..he is 9-10 inches and thick; when he standing his cock almost touch the floor; it is so long and so already visualising sucking his i started to suck his head..his friends at this point also pull out their cocks and put in my i was taking turns sucking 3 cocks ..i couldnt stopped…Mark then slap my face..right and left..suck our cocks bitch! the harder he slap….the hotter i got..! pretty much they were all erected..Mark then slap me again..we are going to abuse your holes all at the same time..and thats what they did..i was on my side..taking all 3 cocks at the same time…not sure how long time went by…but when i came to…i was still on the floor…naked..still stoned the rabid session…


first look first impression

dating is fun but was also nervousness; especially when youre trying to make a good impression; a look a stare a touch; the anticipation of how the date will end; does he like me; is he looking at me..does he like what he sees; is my hair ok? does he like how i dress? am i sexy enough ? should i show more cleavage or less? should i touch his hand or allow him to touch my hair; all these thoughts is racing; does my smile look inviting; licking my lips does that show that i think he’s cute; what if he touches me or hold me; how should i respond? should i let him kiss me? or should i kiss him first? should i be ez and let him touch me or should i resist his advances…no i do want him to touch me, hold me, if he kisses me i will kiss back; does my tits look inviting to him? Shout show more cleavage? Do I mean him or others stare at my tits? Hell no I like it when I get stare at. Do I want men to squeeze my tits playfully? Hell yes.

in all of these thoughts; not really paying attention to people around me; it was a crowded room; but i not noticing anyone; i am giving him my total attention as it should be..



i was at starbucks one morning; it was a sunny saturday; had the day off from work and my boyfriend was away on a business trip; so i had the day all to myself so i thought i spent the morning watching people come and go at the coffee shop..

Coffee time

parades of people came and left; there was an early morning rush of bikers earlier; they came in got their drinks and left.

a few other stragglers came in but that was it; no one else; i was enjoying my tea and snacks; then i heard a ping on my phone; a text came through…i glanced at it. and it was a unknown number; so i didnt pay attention to it..then another ping came in. now i picked up my phone. the text says..” hey beautiful..looking really fresh…” i didnt pay attention at first..but the next text read..why are you by yourself; wanna party with us? that got my attention; i looked around and didnt see anyone; that appear to be texting i figured must be some crank text..i replied politely..why thank you. but i think you sent to the wrong person..

after that the text stopped; so it was getting late; so i started to pack my things and left the coffee shop. it was very relaxing day..

i was making my way to my car and trying to locate my car keys; as i was fumbling for the keys.. a van drove up along side me..and a large burley older guy with long grey haired kinda scary looking; popped out his head..hello Missy. leaving so soon…? i glanced his way but try to avoid his stare…yes sir.. just leaving now..can i help you? he then proceed..oh yes you can…you mind partying with us..were kind of bored..then the van door swung opened and there were 2 other guys in the van..the van didnt have any back seat..just look like 1 of those matttress with some pillows thrown in..i can see some other soiled clothing in there..i tried to stay calm. although i was a bit scared…the guy in the back of the van then said; we got smoke and beer, and whiskey here…cmon little lady lets party… at the time the parking lot was a little quiet; i was looking to see if there are other people..but to my rotten luck there was none… the guy in the back of the van cmon dont disappoint us..we’ve been staring you all morning and you look really good to us..we want to party with us..well at least have a couple drinks with us.. so they’ve been watching me this morning? wow my intuition is..whats the harm of having a couple drinks..i then said sure..then they had some folding chairs in the van. they pull out; looks like they had this pre planned already… when they saw that i was willing to at least cooperate.. i think they were happy..the old guy up front.. oh yea..lets party on baby girl..later i found out Drew is the guy in the back of the van; HIck was the older guys name; the other guy was John who is not talkative but look kind of mean..didnt say they poured some whiskey; i said you guys drink whiskey this early during the day? they laughed oh yea..they gave me the whiskey; Hick then lit up a joint and started smoking and passed it around …by the second round im pretty wasted..i started feeling hot..Drew then said hey missy; have a beer..i felt little oozy..and hot and started to sweat..John noticed that too..hey miss youre ok? i said yes i m fine..Hick then turn on the radio…with the music blasting but still no one came around.. thats kind of odd..Hick ask if i liked the music…i said of course.. Drew under his breath lean over to Hicks. i think she’s close..lets get her in the van..i was pretty buzzed…Drew lean over to me and said hey missy why dont you lie down a bit.. i said sure ok…Drew motioned John to carry me into the van..i was still up but was a little buzzed. HIcks then poured a tequila shot for everyone…he then says lets do body shots..i go sure…

I think after the shots I passed out a bit…when I came to. John was lying on top of me. i tried to push him aside; but then i noticed that my hands are tied behind my i couldnt move..Apparently. Hicks was driving & Drew in the passenger seat talking. Hey Hicks you fucked her already so it’s my turn right? Hick says yea sure but it was no fun she was already out. Going to have to fuck her again. What did he mean by that? He fucked me ? When?? as I was thinking that… I suddenly noticed that I’m sore. I noticed that my top is all torn and my undies all torn away… How is that possible? John at that moment start to wake up and lean over start licking and sucking my pussy…his tongue dug deep inside my clit.. i felt wet..John then said to Hicks..she’s cumming again..