house party 2022

at birth your mom and dad gave you a name; growing up you may have a nickname because of something around you or your friends; might have given you a name; or your girl friends grow customs to calling you; some names you are given you learn to like or want to be accepted; but sometimes because of family, or friends; you’ve accepted that name that they have given you; the reason i’m telling this story because at one time i was out with friends and someone during their drunkenness called me names; but somehow that stuck with me;; i wasnt with my friends; at the time we were separated at a huge house party; i was a little buzzed as well and got separated from my group of friends; somehow i joined another group and really did not know them but then got pulled into this group of people that were playing some beer pong; i’ve never really played; some one’s turn is up and that person somehow wasnt there; so someone behind pushed me forward; i fell forward; and got the crowd cheering; a guy nearby hey bitch you’re up; i was already buzzed; looked at him and trying to say my name but somehow nothing came out; i just looked at him; and just went for it; and yelled out sure i’ll play; but you guys need to tell me what to do? how is the game played; the crowd started to laugh and said sure we’ll show you no problem; its easy;i look around and the room at this point was all guys; i guess i was the only girl in the crowd; not sure how i got here;..a guy near by then yelled to play you have take your top off first. That’s the rule right guys?!. I was a bit hesitant thought that was an odd rule. Then a couple guy behind me grabbed me.. & yank my shirt tits pop right out; everyone laughed; i heard some jeers; and then some guys in the crowd; asked aloud; hey can we suck your tit? i turn around smile..and wiithout a thought; agreed. then a few guys closes to me grabbed me..and 1 guy reached for my breast and started sucking my nipples. i was taken aback but i didnt push him away. then another guy also did the same with the other breast….pretty soon the guys were all swarming around me..ripping my remaining clothes off..a couple guys then took their cock out..and 1 put their cock near my mouth; i just knew that instinctively that i opened my mouth start sucking it..he moaned; omg shes so good; another guy then said bitch you are getting fucked tonight; is that ok? i looked at him with cock still in my mouth..and somehow i said yes..fuck me.. I think there were like 20 guys in the room; and as if they were in heat..all swarming and wanted a piece of me..somehow I enjoyed the attention; ive fucked before but never with this many guys; I was never known to be a slut but I guess that changed today; some guy grabbed me and turned me and put me on my back.i already had 1 guy inside me and as he was cumming and pulled out another guy put his cock in and sliding it in me with vicious thrust;  another guy then cum in my ass at the same time and then shoved in my ass; ive had ass fucking before but not like this; I could not stop them or wanted them to stop..another guy in the back of the room; hey save some for me..i don’t know why but I gazed toward his directions..and said you can have me don’t worry; you’ll get your this point; I was a bit sore so the guys knew that then pumped me liquor and smoke in my mouth;; I was pretty high then..guys were then calling me all kind of names but one stuck was whore.. somehow I like that name being called that..i stopped for a second and ask him what did you call me? He repeat Whore.. I then repeat yes Im your whore…fuck me like a whore guys. The guys were in a frenzy..


pretending drunk

i was at a house party; i was pretty buzzed; so i lean on some guy; his shoulder was muscular it felt good; so even though i was buzzed but not completely drunk; as i lean back; i heard some guys whisper; that hey that bitch is drunk looks like she’s out; to other guys..even though i was buzzed but i could hear them planning something. then suddenly the guy i was leaning against; picked me up. and said to the crowd; she must be tired. so i wanted to see what they’re doing; i can tell one of the guys pour some drinks into my mouth..hey drink some more of this stuff; you’d feel better. i can tell its tasted like this point i think he’s trying to get me more drunk..i drank it down but with my eye(s) still close..i can tell that i was carried to a different room. and then i was laid down to a bed..i still havent moved and pretending to be drunk and wasted still. i can tell that my undies are being pulled down to my this point i wanted to sit up but was curious..what they were up to..then i can sense a cock swollen to my face; then i can taste cum to my face and mouth; if im not completely drunk; i pretend to open my mouth and started sucking; that turned me on as well; and i think the guys knew that i was into the play..they took turn shoving their cock into my mouth and i taste and swallowed their cum in my mouth..then i heard the door opened; and other guys were coming in..i can hear them she still drunk?then 1 guy took me and i can sense his cock thrust into my this point i was very turned on..but i think the guys afraid i might wake up..they smoked into my i glanced around the room; there were alot of guys ; probably 7 or 8 or even more..all waiting their turns to fuck..


a little about me…

just a few facts about me…yes my real name is vickiee; i was born victoria c. lee; but i am known to the rest of the world as vickiee lee; i was born in 1995 in cambodia; my mom and dad emigrated to canada and we lived there a few years in Toronto; until we relocated to Los Angeles to join my uncle who was already there.

I also have 3 older brothers and none of them are like me. Maybe I was adopted? Anyhow I don’t know when my sexual curiosity started but I think I was pretty young age; because I was developed physically early. I remembered I had my first period around 10 I think.. My tits started to develop around then I think. I remember around that age I was in a public beach and was messing around with friends and when a boy was swimming towards me playing catch he inadvertently touched my tits and I felt something weird. I think the boy looked at me differently then..but then that’s another story. But on that day.. boys were curious as I was..

so i guess i’m a california girl until most recently moved to houston and i am currently attending college here in Houston.

those are some of my family facts growing up!

dating, girl

Dating Etiquette.

often on dates, the guy and the girl tries to feel out each other; the guy want to see how “ez” the girl is by casually touching her hair, her shoulder, her hands etc…if this doesnt prove successful or if she is resistant to his efforts often the guy will put this girl in the category ” not ez” i am not in this category. i guess it has to depend on the mood of the evening or the situation; i often will allow my date all of the above touching my hair or shoulder; I often would put him at ease by leaning towards him allowing him to put his arms & hands usually on my waist. this is often called the pre-date conversation etc.. where i would engage in small talk which is fun sometimes and interesting. but when i am flexible with the casual touching; it gets intimate fast; what this means is casual kissing with some tongue action or the guy may casually touch the side of my breast & apologize..i would put him at ease by allowing him to touch my thighs ; most of the guys would put me in the category as “EZ” and often they share that with their friends so that if their friends go out on a date with me; they will not waste alot of the time for the pre-date convo; which is ok with me. more time for the fun things.
Also it depends on how the girl is dressed on the date; if she dresses conservatively then chances are the guy knows that she’s probably won’t agree to his advances ; whereas if she dresses to have a good time for both then it surely increases his chances. I usually opt for the latter show a bit skins & cleavage “ for easy access “ :); also I like a guy that knows what he wants and beat around the bush about it..dont be polite and don’t try to be “politically correct”; If a guy look at me and want grab, squeeze and spank my ass..i try to give out signs and would you let a girl know that you want them and want them bad..? I often will bite my lips play with my hair..hopefully he gets the signal..

guys don’t wait until the end of the night on a first date to kiss her..if you know you like her from first look tell her that so..dont waste the entire evening on casual conversation; don’t try too hard; just be yourself..i often see guys try to be polite and shows interest..if you have that genuine interest then fine..if you’re just trying to fuck her then just find out sure she want to fuck you too; otherwise why would she waste her time on this date for a free meal? And nothing is free right guys??

I am very comfortable in my skin and will tell it like it is..if he wants to kiss me..i will kiss back..kissing is like a handshake to say hi..when youre on a date..i’ve seen some girls extend their hand for a handshake..omg..its not a business meeting..

You can give at least give a gentle kiss on the her cheek..on a kiss on the lips..softly..which is cordial..i usually let the guy make the first move..on kissing or ok with a soft kiss or even a deep kiss I will kiss back..a deep kiss  can lead further pretty quickly depends..ive been on dates when we haven’t even left the front door..he would show up at my front first sight of me..especially if im dress in a sexy outfit..he would comment : “Bitch look at you..youre fine..” I smiled oh well thank you..this is all for you..then if he move in with a gentle kiss and he sense that you’re into the kiss..he will challenge with a deeper kiss; and if I respond with the deep kiss then its all over.. he would carry me back inside the time I was home with my parents..and he did that..i didn’t have enough time to stop him..we were on the couch..then my dad walked out..i almost died..

Dad didn’t know his daughter is a slut..of course after that time I would never meet my date at home..i would meet my date at his place or in a public place area..I got the scolding from my parents after you see I grew up in a very conservative traditional family; I am the only child so upbringing was closely monitored..i guess that’s why I at a very early age started to experiment with my body with boys and never turned my back..although I love my parents a great deal ;buti  cannot live up to their standards I hope one day they will understand..and to this day they don’t know that I have this lifestyle..

I guess my facial expression, lips and body often gives away how I really am.. often neighbors tend to know..i remember growing up; I often baby sit for our neighbors and mow their lawn or run errands for them….but that’s for another story I will tell..

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fashion statement

there is something in me ever since i was a little girl that i like to talk to boyz and i like to be their focus of attention. as soon as i started to hit puberty; that was even more apparent; that i like to dress up nice; i remember when i was in the 8th grade, i would have always have 2 sets of regular clothes and gym clothes; my parents always would not approve of my clothing and make up. i would dress up normal at home without make up and then stopped off at a friends house before headed to school to put on my real “show off” clothes; my teacher would always comment that i should be wearing regular clothes; they in fact got me in trouble with my parents all the time. but they were unaware of my secret stash of clothes at my friends place.

now that