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I’ve been asked many times in various ways; but how did i came to know to be submissive.. or when did i find out.. or how can someone start? thinking back it all started when i started to wear a choker more of as a fashion statement..i think it look nice on me..and i like the feeling of the wrap around my throat; it felt warm and comfortable..but then from time to time..i would get proposal from different people guys and girls alike..about whether i am into the lifestyle..i didnt understand at first..but then there was one time i was out with friends and we all had a few drinks..and thought to stop into another bar before headed home..inside the club was very dark and it was smoke filled everywhere..we couldnt really see around..we almost decide to leave..then someone grabbed my hand..and pulled me back into the bar..and seem to rush me..into the bar..the music was blasting loud and you could hardly hear anything; i couldnt even hear friends who already left and probably didnt see me going back into the bar.. probably figured i left now i am without my ride and drag back into the bar.. then the person that pulled me came into view; he was a long hair with a cloak over his shoulder; kind of creepy if you ask me at the time..he then motion me to come closer..because of the loud music.. Where is your master? my master? i did not understand him..he then said arent’t you owned? i said im sorry sir i dont understand.. he pointed to my choke collar and repeat his question..arent you owned? i still did not understand..he further explain only slaves with collar are owned. apparently he thought i was into the lifestyle.. this is the part when i found out of this lifestyle.. he then bent down to my level…i was actually i still am very short for a girl..i am only 4ft 11..he bent down and kiss gently on my cheek.. and me…i can teach you and show you this lifestyle.. would you like that.. i said yes sir..he was happy with my answer..i am going to give you a trial lesson to see if you are ready for this lifestyle..tonight we will just have fun..and the lessons start later..just know everything i tell you ; you must obey.. the very first lesson you must learn is you are an inferior being and needed protection and the men in this world as I will protect you only if you show respect; and respect is when you obey..i answered yes i understand.. he then ordered some drinks and we started to have fun drinks….he was very generous.. not only to me but to other people around me..he was in his 40s i believe..when we dance he dances very close and pull me close..i like that he held me very close..(he then whisper in my ear- you may dance with whomever ask you as long as you ask my permission; he then motion for me to have a good time..and allowed me to dance with other men on dance floor..he did not dance with anyone else. he allow other men to enjoy i dance and drank and had a good time..

this was my first experience of this lifestyle..

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