Blow job

i’ve been asked to blog on this topic; so i’d like to start with what happened recently; it happened to me; it wasnt planned or anything; maybe from the guy perspective; you guys are always expecting that right? be honest? anyhow i didn’t expect a full on blow job on a first date but anyhow i wore a low cut tees; not sure at first how how i was supposed to be dress for a first date; my girlfriends suggest i show some deep cleavage; since my tits are fairly large for my frame; i’m actually 34 B cup; but u usually would wear a smaller cup since it look like to fill it up..better. it did the trick, because my date and those around us was staring quite intently…my date name was Todd and he’s a few years older than me; i think he looks late 20’s or early 30s; it was a blind date kind of i guess; my girlfriend’s cousin so she said; Todd picked me up in an Uber; since we were going to be drinking and have a good time; so i thought that was good of him wanted us to be safe and still have a good time. he wore jeans and simple dress shirt; he was fairly good looking and so i was happy that Kristin my gf fixed us up; i am sure he would be a great date; from where i can see; as I open my apartment door; he took my hand & gave a quick hug hey vickie; you’re so cute..i said thanks Todd; as we walked toward the car so he open the door to the uber; the driver glance at me; and did a double take when he saw my top..i just smiled; i took a seat in the car; Todd slid in next to me with his hands on my strandling on my ass and waist..i smiled; the driver then stepped on the gas. Todd is very muscular and i felt he was holding me very firm and tight which i liked. i turn to Todd to make small talk; kind to lighten things up a bit; so where are we heading Todd?; Todd look down on me; you’ll find out; i then noticed Todd’s bulging; i inadvertently had my elbow on it and notice it. i thought to myself wow that was fast. Todd glance down at my top. i’m only 4’9 and Todd is 5’10 so he really was towering over me. Todd then had his hands over my breast and start squeezing gently. i glanced up at him and smiled; but didnt fight it; i think he was really turned on..i saw Todd lean over to the driver and whispered something not sure what. and saw that he slipped him some cash. the ride is not over but i guess thats a tip Todd hand to the driver already…Todd then sat back; and said: girl you turn me on so much already…i smile; really Todd? he then grab my hands and place my hands over his crotch.. he says; bitch know what to do right?wow Todd really worked fast..i didnt know what to say..Todd then unbuckle his belt and unzip himself; and pull out his long manhood and place it in my mouth;..i just knew that my blind date has started….Todd is at least 8-9 inches and thick; i can tell that he’s turned on. he was erected pretty fast..i can start to taste his precum almost immediately…Todd fucking whore..Todd yelled… i can felt him growing bigger in mouth; he then pushed his shaft down my throat; i almost gasp trying to breathe thourhg my nose as shove his shaft down my throat; stretch my mouth and throat to the max. i can take it pretty deep and i think that turned him on; i can sense him cumming in my throat and filling up my stomach with his cum… as if Todd try to squeeze every ounce of his cum into my throat; some of it spilling out around my mouth; i almost gag but didnt; Todd as he filling up his cum in my mouth;… you Fucking whore; he then pull it out; i finally could draw a breath; and look at Todd; The driver did not even look back; earning his tip from before… i smiled at Todd; i like it when you call me that.. Todd then slapped me; of course you do whore! you’re my whore now!


house party 2022

at birth your mom and dad gave you a name; growing up you may have a nickname because of something around you or your friends; might have given you a name; or your girl friends grow customs to calling you; some names you are given you learn to like or want to be accepted; but sometimes because of family, or friends; you’ve accepted that name that they have given you; the reason i’m telling this story because at one time i was out with friends and someone during their drunkenness called me names; but somehow that stuck with me;; i wasnt with my friends; at the time we were separated at a huge house party; i was a little buzzed as well and got separated from my group of friends; somehow i joined another group and really did not know them but then got pulled into this group of people that were playing some beer pong; i’ve never really played; some one’s turn is up and that person somehow wasnt there; so someone behind pushed me forward; i fell forward; and got the crowd cheering; a guy nearby hey bitch you’re up; i was already buzzed; looked at him and trying to say my name but somehow nothing came out; i just looked at him; and just went for it; and yelled out sure i’ll play; but you guys need to tell me what to do? how is the game played; the crowd started to laugh and said sure we’ll show you no problem; its easy;i look around and the room at this point was all guys; i guess i was the only girl in the crowd; not sure how i got here;..a guy near by then yelled to play you have take your top off first. That’s the rule right guys?!. I was a bit hesitant thought that was an odd rule. Then a couple guy behind me grabbed me.. & yank my shirt tits pop right out; everyone laughed; i heard some jeers; and then some guys in the crowd; asked aloud; hey can we suck your tit? i turn around smile..and wiithout a thought; agreed. then a few guys closes to me grabbed me..and 1 guy reached for my breast and started sucking my nipples. i was taken aback but i didnt push him away. then another guy also did the same with the other breast….pretty soon the guys were all swarming around me..ripping my remaining clothes off..a couple guys then took their cock out..and 1 put their cock near my mouth; i just knew that instinctively that i opened my mouth start sucking it..he moaned; omg shes so good; another guy then said bitch you are getting fucked tonight; is that ok? i looked at him with cock still in my mouth..and somehow i said yes..fuck me.. I think there were like 20 guys in the room; and as if they were in heat..all swarming and wanted a piece of me..somehow I enjoyed the attention; ive fucked before but never with this many guys; I was never known to be a slut but I guess that changed today; some guy grabbed me and turned me and put me on my back.i already had 1 guy inside me and as he was cumming and pulled out another guy put his cock in and sliding it in me with vicious thrust;  another guy then cum in my ass at the same time and then shoved in my ass; ive had ass fucking before but not like this; I could not stop them or wanted them to stop..another guy in the back of the room; hey save some for me..i don’t know why but I gazed toward his directions..and said you can have me don’t worry; you’ll get your this point; I was a bit sore so the guys knew that then pumped me liquor and smoke in my mouth;; I was pretty high then..guys were then calling me all kind of names but one stuck was whore.. somehow I like that name being called that..i stopped for a second and ask him what did you call me? He repeat Whore.. I then repeat yes Im your whore…fuck me like a whore guys. The guys were in a frenzy..


pretending drunk

i was at a house party; i was pretty buzzed; so i lean on some guy; his shoulder was muscular it felt good; so even though i was buzzed but not completely drunk; as i lean back; i heard some guys whisper; that hey that bitch is drunk looks like she’s out; to other guys..even though i was buzzed but i could hear them planning something. then suddenly the guy i was leaning against; picked me up. and said to the crowd; she must be tired. so i wanted to see what they’re doing; i can tell one of the guys pour some drinks into my mouth..hey drink some more of this stuff; you’d feel better. i can tell its tasted like this point i think he’s trying to get me more drunk..i drank it down but with my eye(s) still close..i can tell that i was carried to a different room. and then i was laid down to a bed..i still havent moved and pretending to be drunk and wasted still. i can tell that my undies are being pulled down to my this point i wanted to sit up but was curious..what they were up to..then i can sense a cock swollen to my face; then i can taste cum to my face and mouth; if im not completely drunk; i pretend to open my mouth and started sucking; that turned me on as well; and i think the guys knew that i was into the play..they took turn shoving their cock into my mouth and i taste and swallowed their cum in my mouth..then i heard the door opened; and other guys were coming in..i can hear them she still drunk?then 1 guy took me and i can sense his cock thrust into my this point i was very turned on..but i think the guys afraid i might wake up..they smoked into my i glanced around the room; there were alot of guys ; probably 7 or 8 or even more..all waiting their turns to fuck..


RP or is it real?

I did my fair share of role play ; it’s fun and exciting..what if it’s not rp? I’ve never used the secret word before even tho it was always available. my favorite RP would be a bus ride, an uber ride; a pretending kidnapping? groping, moestation ? my favorite would be race play or ra_pe play. somehow i always wondered how would we know if its RP or is it real? especially if its in a cnc situation where you dont know the intended party involved? i like those the best who you dont know which party is involved so it keeps you guessing all the time; if this is RP or if its a real situation; if i knew it was RP then we already know that its not real and therefore the excitement is somewhat diminished dont you think? what are your thoughts? One time I was at a local bar..a hooters having a meal with some friends..a guy came in by himself gawking at some of the waitresses looks like he’s been drinking already. You can smell alcohol under his breath as he’s walking by.. you can tell that some of the waitresses was trying to avoiding him. He decided to pull up close to our table. As he was walking pass my chair it appears he was nudging and brushing up against me. I glanced up and our eyes met. His eyes were cold and piercing that sent shivers up my spine.. My friends was involved in the group conversation and didn’t notice him.. I decided to head to the ladies room to empty my bladder; been eating and drinking for a couple hours. as i turn the corner a hand grab my shoulder and pulled me down..didn’t see who it was..then I was dragged into a room nearby looks like a storeroom..the room was dark but you can see a bit of sunlight through the crack in the window.


paid dates escort experience # 1

i was bored and went walking around my neighborhood; just took a walk; just recently started to do free lance escort to supplement my cashflow; Its been good..but no one in my neighborhood know that yet I don’t think. I do come home early in the morning sometime from late outing. So this morning I had some free time so I thought I’d take a walk around the neighborhood.. how i started to do escort was pretty funny. A friend got me into it when she had a client but was sick and not feeling well..and ask me to do it for her.. I was leary at first.. but when she said just treat like another date. Like a “paid” date. But still a date. So she asked to meet with the date at a local bar downtown; just dressed as if you’re on a night out.. I agreed.. and she said she’d give me all the payments I will earned. Not sure how much it would be..

Made my way downtown where I’d meet him. It turned out he was already at the bar; i made my way to the bar. His description fit to the tee that my friend gave me. I went to the bar and tapped on his shoulder; hello. Mark was his name turned around. I wore a tight white knit mini dress and shows my figure nicely. Hello sir; my name is Vickiee; Mark smiled and looked at me as if he was happy. And I’m glad; i was afraid he may not like me. I asked; am i to your liking? He smiled yes; you’d do great. And he said; you agreed with what i ordered? I said yes. Not sure what he said he ordered. I was going to text my friend to get some clarification; but didnt want to seem rude.. Mark then ordered me a drink; rum and which i said thank you.. we then sat down in the corner of the bar; it wasnt very well lit; so there’s some privacy. i sat down..he was 6’2 a little heavy set; i’m only 4’9 so he tower over me for sure. we looked like an odd couple..he’s white and tall and. very big. he then moved closer and had his hands on my he’s smiled. he said you’re really cute..i think we’d be having a very good time. what do you think.? i smiled and just said. i am here to make you happy. he then bent down and proceed to move his hands higher into my dress and pull down my undies..i didnt resist his advances and allowed him to reach in and pull my undies off..he then slid his big fingers into my clitoris and finger my pussy..i was very wet. he then licked his fingers..i was so aroused and became very wet.. Mark then said did you enjoy that? i was a little embarrased but didnt say anything; i think he can tell. the date went pretty well at this point. he then proceeded in kissing me some more ..he was fondling my breasts as well as to be expected. i can feel that his cock is now that moment..a couple guys showed up at the table.Mark look up and said hey guys..this is Vickie a new escort i just hired for the night. why dont you guys test her out before we take her home..Steve and George then sat down.. with is the date with Mark? or with all 3 im so confused but didnt want to disappoint them. so Mark walked toward the bar. and Steve and George took me toward the back; they dragged me like a drag i just followed then they took a closer look at me. at this point i was a little scared. what did i get myself into now. Steve then picked me up and said you’re a little skank arent you? they then took my dress off..and looked over my body..bitch you got a fine body. i think you’d any limits? i said no sir.. good…George then said ok you pass..lets do this. i said yes sir. then we went back to the bar. and i spent the next couple hours drinking and smoking; with all 3. they had their hands all over my body.. i was quite turned on; and liked the attention. i was quite buzzed and drunk i remembered. then George said to the crowd she consented you guys just ask her..then a few guys came over i remembered; George then said shes an escort and shes been bought and paid for; i remembered what George said; go ahead try her..and pointed to 1 guy in the back room; he then came forward. and pretty soon the whole room was fucking me. George whisper to me. dont worry we’ll take good care of you…i think i kind of dont remember alot of it; but did remember that i had a really good time of my first experience as an escort and have to thank my girlfriend. somehow i woke up in a strange motel room; and really sore but i felt really exhilirated like as if i was on a drug or something; and next morning i found a stack of cash hundreds, twenties, fifties even ones. too; i was in the room by myself but not sure how i got here.. if this is how being an escort feels like; i kinda found that it is fun and i think i like the wanted feeling; having guys all want me; but how to go about of continuing this? what if my family finds out? that would be bad..i knew i had to talk to my girl friend to see how she was able to keep it from her family and friends. i was her best friend and i didnt know that she was into escort until she confided in me..

i left the hotel room and made my way out of the room after i took a shower and put on my regular clothes since my dress was torn from the party last night. as i made my way out the door and toward the elevator. while waiting for the elevator door to open; a couple guys walked out of the elevator; they glanced at me as if they knew me..but i didnt know who they were ; i just smiled; then one of them grabbed my arm and said- hey we forgot to ask for your number .. i glanced up a little puzzled but then agreed to give them my number. so i said sure thing; let me see your phone. they then handed their phone and i input my number..; they then ask for my name..before i can answer; they just said; vickiee right? i said yes..a bit surprised then knew my name..made my way downstairs to the front lobby and bid farewell the doorman..