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Morning Run..

Morning run

my clock alarm went off; i glanced at it; grudgingly awoken me up from my deep sleep; i didnt really have a good night sleep. it appears i went in and out of dream state all night. its time for my morning jog..i religiously do this every morning; the morning jog refresh my mind and body and energize. it also keeps me fit and healthy.. this morning however, my alarm clock was early; not sure what happened. its 4:20 am but i decided since im up i should get my jog in early to start the day…

I then slip into my shorts and for some reason I couldn’t find my sport bra I usually wear..didnt want to be late; I forgo that and just put on my hoodie sweat..grabbed my phone and head out the door..its still dark and chilly..i love the morning chill and the coldness of the morning woke me even more..i lived in an upstair apartment and so I climbed down the stairs; didn’t want to wake up the neighbors.. as I walked down the steel stairs..i glanced across the street; some street vendor is out already selling morning breakfast food from a food truck..i thought wow they’re out early today..i usually don’t see them until 6-7 am or so..anyhow..i started my stretch routine…as I bent down and stretch my hind legs..i was wearing shorts..thinking in this morning chill should have put on long sweats.. but It tend to get tangle as I run I usually like to wear my shorts..I figure it will warm up as I run…I usually run about 30 minutes around the block then down the street to the local high school where I would use their lap..i then started a slow I approach the food truck a hooded guy stocky looking..yelled out. Miss..i turned around he then grabbed my arm..where you going miss.? I stopped took my airpods out of my ear..and look up..through the darkness I can make out he was staring at me..and look down at my legs.. I then asked yes? He then..reach out to my waist..and wrap his hands around my abs…& squeeze my breasts and pulled me closer to him..i tried to struggle to get from his grip..but he was strong.. his hands is huge then he put his hands over my mouth and then put me over his shoulder. He then ran down the alleyway and entered what seemed to be an abandoned warehouse in the back of the building with me bumping on his shoulder..pretty soon we were inside ..everything was dark; he then through me on the cement floor; I did not try to run or resist..i was afraid he may hurt me..without saying a word..he unzip himself..and pull out his cock.. and dangle his cock in front of my face; it must have been at least 8-9 inches and thick; I instinctively kissed its head.softly .and opened my lips and suck its head softly at first.. he then grunted but didn’t say a word..he then motioned to me to slide down his cock..i understood..his cock was so big it was hard for me to open my mouth wide enough to wrap around his cock..he uses his hand and pushed my head if he wanted to shove it down to my throat…I did not he continue to shove his cock deep into my throat..and I can start to feel the massive cock expanding my throat..i can sense …he finally pull out so I can gasp some hair..and looked up..he still has his hoodies covering much of his face..but I can tell that he is like an animal in heat and I didn’t dare resist him..he then motioned me to lie down and open up my legs..i did just this point he already ripped my undies to shreds..he took his massive cock now and placed at my pussy; but has not inserted in yet..not sure what he’s waiting this point I can sense that my pussy is pulsating..i took his hand and motioned to insert it.. he then push me down..and inserted gently..even so I was in pain from my pussy being stretched so much from his massive cock..i pain..he then slap my he utters..” Bitch me fuck you” the slap to my face woke me up but then I started to feel aroused even in the face of danger..he then push his cock further in..and continue to slide in and out…we were at it at least a couple hours..i was exhausted..i can finally sense he came inside I hear him groan..he had so much semen it seeped outside my pussy.. as if satisfied..he motioned me to kneel down….then he point to his cock for me suck him again..i dare not disobey..i opened my mouth and starting to suck his cock again..suddently I can taste his cum again..the taste of cum got me excited and aroused. His cum continue to flow in my mouth..he then slap me hard twice more..and he grunted “SUCK” so I continue to suck his cock harder and harder and sliding his cock in and out of my mouth..his cum continue flow..i was amazed of how much cum is coming out..but his cock is still erected.. he then flip me over and motioned me to be on all fours.. he then opened up my hind legs.. and he proceeded and placing his tongue to my asshole..i almost gasp and was shivering and shaking…. I started to squirt…I;ve never squirted this much before… he then proceeded to position him in such a way to insert is cock into my ass..and now fucking me in my matter how much I screamed he continue to slide his cock into my ass and at the same time play finger my pussy..i was so this point..and not sure when but I passed out…

When I came to..the sun was high perhaps around noon; I was still in the abandoned warehouse.. the man that grabbed me during my early morning jog is nowhere to be to me was a fresh change of clothing.. the mystery man was gone.. am I going to ever going to see him again? I gathered my clothing or whats left of it..and put on the change of clothing that was left for me and walked out of the warehouse. Car driving by…traffic was bustling.. back and forth; no one had any idea what had happened to me..

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Dating Etiquette.

often on dates, the guy and the girl tries to feel out each other; the guy want to see how “ez” the girl is by casually touching her hair, her shoulder, her hands etc…if this doesnt prove successful or if she is resistant to his efforts often the guy will put this girl in the category ” not ez” i am not in this category. i guess it has to depend on the mood of the evening or the situation; i often will allow my date all of the above touching my hair or shoulder; I often would put him at ease by leaning towards him allowing him to put his arms & hands usually on my waist. this is often called the pre-date conversation etc.. where i would engage in small talk which is fun sometimes and interesting. but when i am flexible with the casual touching; it gets intimate fast; what this means is casual kissing with some tongue action or the guy may casually touch the side of my breast & apologize..i would put him at ease by allowing him to touch my thighs ; most of the guys would put me in the category as “EZ” and often they share that with their friends so that if their friends go out on a date with me; they will not waste alot of the time for the pre-date convo; which is ok with me. more time for the fun things.
Also it depends on how the girl is dressed on the date; if she dresses conservatively then chances are the guy knows that she’s probably won’t agree to his advances ; whereas if she dresses to have a good time for both then it surely increases his chances. I usually opt for the latter show a bit skins & cleavage “ for easy access “ :); also I like a guy that knows what he wants and beat around the bush about it..dont be polite and don’t try to be “politically correct”; If a guy look at me and want grab, squeeze and spank my ass..i try to give out signs and would you let a girl know that you want them and want them bad..? I often will bite my lips play with my hair..hopefully he gets the signal..

guys don’t wait until the end of the night on a first date to kiss her..if you know you like her from first look tell her that so..dont waste the entire evening on casual conversation; don’t try too hard; just be yourself..i often see guys try to be polite and shows interest..if you have that genuine interest then fine..if you’re just trying to fuck her then just find out sure she want to fuck you too; otherwise why would she waste her time on this date for a free meal? And nothing is free right guys??

I am very comfortable in my skin and will tell it like it is..if he wants to kiss me..i will kiss back..kissing is like a handshake to say hi..when youre on a date..i’ve seen some girls extend their hand for a handshake..omg..its not a business meeting..

You can give at least give a gentle kiss on the her cheek..on a kiss on the lips..softly..which is cordial..i usually let the guy make the first move..on kissing or ok with a soft kiss or even a deep kiss I will kiss back..a deep kiss  can lead further pretty quickly depends..ive been on dates when we haven’t even left the front door..he would show up at my front first sight of me..especially if im dress in a sexy outfit..he would comment : “Bitch look at you..youre fine..” I smiled oh well thank you..this is all for you..then if he move in with a gentle kiss and he sense that you’re into the kiss..he will challenge with a deeper kiss; and if I respond with the deep kiss then its all over.. he would carry me back inside the time I was home with my parents..and he did that..i didn’t have enough time to stop him..we were on the couch..then my dad walked out..i almost died..

Dad didn’t know his daughter is a slut..of course after that time I would never meet my date at home..i would meet my date at his place or in a public place area..I got the scolding from my parents after you see I grew up in a very conservative traditional family; I am the only child so upbringing was closely monitored..i guess that’s why I at a very early age started to experiment with my body with boys and never turned my back..although I love my parents a great deal ;buti  cannot live up to their standards I hope one day they will understand..and to this day they don’t know that I have this lifestyle..

I guess my facial expression, lips and body often gives away how I really am.. often neighbors tend to know..i remember growing up; I often baby sit for our neighbors and mow their lawn or run errands for them….but that’s for another story I will tell..

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I’ve been asked many times in various ways; but how did i came to know to be submissive.. or when did i find out.. or how can someone start? thinking back it all started when i started to wear a choker more of as a fashion statement..i think it look nice on me..and i like the feeling of the wrap around my throat; it felt warm and comfortable..but then from time to time..i would get proposal from different people guys and girls alike..about whether i am into the lifestyle..i didnt understand at first..but then there was one time i was out with friends and we all had a few drinks..and thought to stop into another bar before headed home..inside the club was very dark and it was smoke filled everywhere..we couldnt really see around..we almost decide to leave..then someone grabbed my hand..and pulled me back into the bar..and seem to rush me..into the bar..the music was blasting loud and you could hardly hear anything; i couldnt even hear friends who already left and probably didnt see me going back into the bar.. probably figured i left now i am without my ride and drag back into the bar.. then the person that pulled me came into view; he was a long hair with a cloak over his shoulder; kind of creepy if you ask me at the time..he then motion me to come closer..because of the loud music.. Where is your master? my master? i did not understand him..he then said arent’t you owned? i said im sorry sir i dont understand.. he pointed to my choke collar and repeat his question..arent you owned? i still did not understand..he further explain only slaves with collar are owned. apparently he thought i was into the lifestyle.. this is the part when i found out of this lifestyle.. he then bent down to my level…i was actually i still am very short for a girl..i am only 4ft 11..he bent down and kiss gently on my cheek.. and me…i can teach you and show you this lifestyle.. would you like that.. i said yes sir..he was happy with my answer..i am going to give you a trial lesson to see if you are ready for this lifestyle..tonight we will just have fun..and the lessons start later..just know everything i tell you ; you must obey.. the very first lesson you must learn is you are an inferior being and needed protection and the men in this world as I will protect you only if you show respect; and respect is when you obey..i answered yes i understand.. he then ordered some drinks and we started to have fun drinks….he was very generous.. not only to me but to other people around me..he was in his 40s i believe..when we dance he dances very close and pull me close..i like that he held me very close..(he then whisper in my ear- you may dance with whomever ask you as long as you ask my permission; he then motion for me to have a good time..and allowed me to dance with other men on dance floor..he did not dance with anyone else. he allow other men to enjoy i dance and drank and had a good time..

this was my first experience of this lifestyle..

want me?

Story of how I started to submit to men

i am very early in my journey…i may get this wrong; but through my experiences the way i understood; that i am wired; i like to do what the boy or guy tells me.. i was in high school i was like in the ninth grade .i was already a little developped at that age..we were playing tag football in PE with seniors i remember..i was going for the ball and then caught the ball as i attempt to run toward the goal line..i was pretty fast runner other boys were running after me..i ran as fast i could but then got tackled and fell onto the tee shirt flew up and as the boy trying rip the ball..he inadvertently brush against my breast..i was still small but have deveoped..and that brush alone awoke something inside me..i felt an urge..but we were playing ball.. i think the boy felt it too..and so he was looking at me kinda weird..but didnt say anything.. he then took the ball from me..i was mad and jumped on him trying to take it back…but another kid wrestled me to the ground and pin me to the ground..other boys were just looking.. at that moment the teacher whistled for us to all go most everyone then gathered their things. but the three boys including the one that still had me pin down..the boys were a few years older than me i think..its been so long..Drew..the boy that pin me down..”hey vickie…so you like playing with boys? why are you taking this class?” i was shy didnt say anything..i just said..i like playing ball.. it was getting late..i was wondering if the Drew want something..i didnt want to make him mad.. oh you like playing ball? then he and other 2 boys..guess what Vickie…we’ll let you play with our’s that? i didnt say anything..i was a bit scared..then the other 2 boys hover around Drew and me.. Drew then moved his hand under my tee shirt..and touch my breast..hey you got tits..and point out to Kelly and Tom. hey guys she got and Tom..then also lift up my shirt..and squeeze my tits..tried to squirm around..but scared to say if they found a new toy….Vickie Drew like dont you? i dare not argue..yes i do thank you.. Drew and Kelly then threw me over their shoulder.. i tried to move..but couldnt ..there was a shed in the back of ball field where the agriculture department kept their tools.. they brought me inside the shed and threw me down.. Drew then tell me..youre going to enjoy this right Vickie? i said yes…but i dont know whats going on…they then took my shorts off..and and started kissing my pussy..i was so overwhelmed ..i was scared and excited at the same time.. then all 3 of them were kissing my body..sucking my tits.. Vickie Tom said.. you belong to us ok? i looked at him..and just nodded yes.. you are ours now and you have to keep this a secret..i said yes..Drew corrected me..yes sir..i then said yes sir..Tom then said took out his cock and said Vickie open up your mouth..i did that..he then put his cock in my mouth..suck that..this was the first time i did didnt know what to do..but as i suck ..i can tell Tom.. liked it…after a few minutes..he came in my mouth..this was the first time tasting cum..i didnt know what it was..but it was salty.and sweet..(i really like it..kinda weird but i wanted to taste more;.as it drool out of my mouth Tom slapped me..and lick it all up bitch..i was hurt and Drew put me down on the ground and proceed to insert his now erected cock in my pussy..i screamed of the pain..Drew then slap me..and grab my throat..if you dont shut up..each time i yelled or whimper i got a slap..slap slap…Drew then after a few going to cum…Bitch im going to cum..didnt know what that meant. Kelly got a hold of me..and also fuck me that day..all in all we were in that shed until almost 3 hours..they took turn fucking me as i suck each of them..

before we left the shed..Drew said..remember this is our cannot breathe this to anyone do you hear Bitch.. i said yes i understand..

Going home..i didnt know what had happened although scary but was enjoyable for me.. in the ensuing months we would meet up in the shed multiple times..even though they all have girlfriends.. (their girlfriends never found out..)but i was their whore!

It was the beginning of my submissive journey..

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