uber ride

we’ve been bar hoping all night long in french quarter louisiana having a great time..ive been drinking all evening; and pretty much wasted. i was putting my head down to rest for a bit at the last bar before headed home.. music still blasting; i felt a gentle tap on my shoulder ; i look up; it was a crowd of people of 5,6 people was checking up on me..i said im fine just resting.. they then moved on..i was really buzzed and couldnt really see straight; its probably a good time to head back to our hotel room; i look around and didnt see my friends.. i glanced around the room and didnt see anyone i knew..i gather my stuff and made my way outside to hail an uber; not sure if i ordered an uber yet; but as i made outside; a car with an uber sign drove up…and waved at me..Miss did you call an uber ride..i said oh yes i did. thank you. you were very fast..i then open the car door and stumbled into the car. as if the driver knew that i was drunk/buzzed offered to help me into the car..i slid into the back seat and the driver proceeded. where to miss? after i gave the address..i sort of pass out asleep; when i came to..i noticed that the car was slowing down..the Driver then picked me up..he said let me help you…so he pick me up and swung over his shoulder like a rag doll..and a few minutes later..he placed me down what i recall was a bed..The driver name afterwards i found out was Mark..; where am i ; i ask is this my hotel room? the driver said car broke down so i brought you home to my house. i was puzzled; im at your house. yes it is and youre in my can sleep here and ill try to get you back to your hotel in the morning.. i said oh thank you. i dont want to take your bed..dont worry honey…we’d be sharing the bed.. youre still drunk let me get you into something more comfortable; i think my daughter which is your size have something in her he lied me down onto the bed..i was really tired so i appreciated the gesture.. he went into the next room and grabbled some items.he then proceeded to take off my blouse and shorts; ill take you undies too if you dont i can wash it for you..he handed me his oversized shirt and undies. he then said; you go ahead and knock off first..i’ll be in a bit. at that moment i heard the front door knock…who could be knocking at this hour..anyhow i just got into his bed and get comfortable. i turned down the light a bit. at that moment suddenly door got flung open and 4 masked men storm in.. omg is the house being robbed? i was startled. 1 of the masked men and then grabbed me and held me in a tight grip..1 hand over my mouth other hand across my chest. i was terrrified; not sure whats going on.. they didnt ask to steal money..all 4 of them took turn groping me and pretty soon the clothes i was wearing were ripped off. 1 guy was video taping me ; another guy started kissing me so i tried to fight him; but he slapped me and yelled bitch… i know you like it..then he continue to kiss me; then i felt like peeing; and could not hold it. i yelled i have to pee..and then another guy lift my thigh up and as i was peeing, he drank all my pee; so odd but also so hot.. what am i saying; this house being robbed and i was contemplating that someone drinking my pee is hot.?? whats wrong with me.. all 4 of them then jumped on me eating and licking my pussy like crazy; 1 guy was slobbering over my if you a pack of lion devouring me..another guy put his entire fist inside my vagina; it hurt so much..then they turned around and pulled out their massive cocks and had me suck all 4 of them; and i had so much cum in my belly and mouth;..then they each plunge their massive cocks inside my pussy; i am being fucked big time by all 4; i was so exhausted that im not sure when i passed out..

in the morning i woke up someone dropped me off at a bus stop..i awoken from the sound of the bus stopping in front of me..i was so sore. ..i will remember this for a very long time…

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