Basic skill

i’ve been asked to blog on this topic; so i’d like to start with what happened recently; it happened to me; it wasnt planned or anything; maybe from the guy perspective; you guys are always expecting that right? be honest? anyhow i didn’t expect a full on blow job on a first date but anyhow i wore a low cut tees; not sure at first how how i was supposed to be dress for a first date; my girlfriends suggest i show some deep cleavage; since my tits are fairly large for my frame; i’m actually 34 B cup; but u usually would wear a smaller cup since it look like to fill it up..better. it did the trick, because my date and those around us was staring quite intently…my date name was Todd and he’s a few years older than me; i think he looks late 20’s or early 30s; it was a blind date kind of i guess; my girlfriend’s cousin so she said; Todd picked me up in an Uber; since we were going to be drinking and have a good time; so i thought that was good of him wanted us to be safe and still have a good time. he wore jeans and simple dress shirt; he was fairly good looking and so i was happy that Kristin my gf fixed us up; i am sure he would be a great date; from where i can see; as I open my apartment door; he took my hand & gave a quick hug hey vickie; you’re so cute..i said thanks Todd; as we walked toward the car so he open the door to the uber; the driver glance at me; and did a double take when he saw my top..i just smiled; i took a seat in the car; Todd slid in next to me with his hands on my strandling on my ass and waist..i smiled; the driver then stepped on the gas. Todd is very muscular and i felt he was holding me very firm and tight which i liked. i turn to Todd to make small talk; kind to lighten things up a bit; so where are we heading Todd?; Todd look down on me; you’ll find out; i then noticed Todd’s bulging; i inadvertently had my elbow on it and notice it. i thought to myself wow that was fast. Todd glance down at my top. i’m only 4’9 and Todd is 5’10 so he really was towering over me. Todd then had his hands over my breast and start squeezing gently. i glanced up at him and smiled; but didnt fight it; i think he was really turned on..i saw Todd lean over to the driver and whispered something not sure what. and saw that he slipped him some cash. the ride is not over but i guess thats a tip Todd hand to the driver already…Todd then sat back; and said: girl you turn me on so much already…i smile; really Todd? he then grab my hands and place my hands over his crotch.. he says; bitch know what to do right?wow Todd really worked fast..i didnt know what to say..Todd then unbuckle his belt and unzip himself; and pull out his long manhood and place it in my mouth;..i just knew that my blind date has started….Todd is at least 8-9 inches and thick; i can tell that he’s turned on. he was erected pretty fast..i can start to taste his precum almost immediately…Todd fucking whore..Todd yelled… i can felt him growing bigger in mouth; he then pushed his shaft down my throat; i almost gasp trying to breathe thourhg my nose as shove his shaft down my throat; stretch my mouth and throat to the max. i can take it pretty deep and i think that turned him on; i can sense him cumming in my throat and filling up my stomach with his cum… as if Todd try to squeeze every ounce of his cum into my throat; some of it spilling out around my mouth; i almost gag but didnt; Todd as he filling up his cum in my mouth;… you Fucking whore; he then pull it out; i finally could draw a breath; and look at Todd; The driver did not even look back; earning his tip from before… i smiled at Todd; i like it when you call me that.. Todd then slapped me; of course you do whore! you’re my whore now!

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