i can feel it already; i have work and final exam is coming up soon; so i need to start clamp down and study; so i cant be too picky and selective in men that is…i was at the on campus library this particular morning and trying to focus on my studies; but i catch myself keep looking up whenever someone walks by; im so easily distracted. i was at a long desk in the middle of the floor; there were only a few at my table; as they i are studying as well. i promised myself that i wont look up again; then someone brush against my back seat. i told myself im not going to look up; but then i did; i caught a glance of couple guys looking toward me.. not sure what they’re staring at. i look down and i guess i lost a pair of buttons and my shirt was open and was showing a little cleavage. oh thats why theyre staring? i look up again and caught their eyes staring towards me..i decide to ignore them; no time now; need to focus on my studies..1 of the guys brought over a cup of coffee..and he said; hey: ..not sure if you drank coffee..thought i got an extra cup for a pretty girl; i look up..and he look down my blouse all the while talking to me..i thought to myself..i try not to date people from school as i dont want to get the word around; i ignored my urges and said why thank you. he gently laid the cup of coffee down and said its still hot; you may want to drink it now while its hot. its pretty good..then he turned around and walked away. i picked up the cup and started to take a few sips; it tasted odd but good. i needed to wake up..this might do the trick..i took a few more sips; and got back to my studies..but then i felt dizzy and sleepy..tried to keep my eyes open; at that moment; the 2 guys came over and helped me get up and as i lean over to them. my legs felt numb and i couldnt walk for some of the guys mentioned to those around the room; she’s our sister; she’s just tired; we will take her to get some fresh air. i continue to lean onto them as they walked me to the back..they then lay me down on the floor. I still can’t feel my legs but I can sense my surroundings..they then tore my clothes off . They then took turns eating and licking my pussy. Although I can have my feelings back in my legs I pretended to still be out.1 of the guy then slip his erected cock and shove it in my pussy; it felt amazing. With each stroke, i can feel his shaft penetrating..after a few strokes..i then vagal and squeeze his shaft as he enters deep and that put more pressure on his shaft; after a few more strokes i can sense him cumming i felt it spilling around his shaft. He then keep fucking me after a few minutes as he’s tired out I can sense him cumming inside me. Then the other guys turned to shove his tip of the head he was alot bigger ; i felt pain as it stretches my vagina he then push his cock deep inside me; i then squeeze his shoulder; and he can sense that i am enjoying and not merely being forced; that got him excited even more; he then said; bitch you are so hot; i wanted to fuck you the moment i laid eyes on you.. he then continue to thrust his massive cock inside me…i didnt want it to stop. i screamed fuck me harder and faster.. he then slap me shut up whore.but the slap only excite me more and he can tell; so he slap me some more with each thrust. you want this whore! and he slap me some more but that only excited me.. his stamina was alot stronger then the previous guy..i can sense that i then held me closer..and could not hold back my excitement; fuck me daddy…fuck me like im your little girl. fuck me; he again slap me and with his fist punch my face this time. but i didnt felt any pain; beyond the pain there was i was trying to tap into that euphoric feeling. i think he is about to cum as i as well…for some reason i think our climax with each thrust and each slap synchronize.. then he finally came..i also came around the same was euphoric..i glanced at the other guy had his phone and he was streaming i found out later…he says. dont worry i only showed your face you will be famous. i was exhausted….he then stood up and they both left me…but before leaving me..they both said.. we will see each other again..whore..i found out later..that they had use my phone to take pictures and videos of me..and if i said anything they would send to all my contacts on the i did not dare say 1 word after this event.

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