i remember it was during my first summer after my first year of college; i was working at local mall as a cashier girl making minimum wage; an aunt of mine who owns a salon place downtown san diego was checking up on me; My aunt is my mom’s sister so we were pretty close;. she asked me to stop by her salon store; which i never did before even though we were close. It was friday morning my Aunt Rosie ask me to stop by the salon and we may get a bite to eat. i had a hard time finding a place but i finally found it; i came to the right address but the signs says Asian Massage Paradise; not any salon so i was confused and not sure im at the right building; there was a couple gentleman walking up to the front door as i make my way up the stairs.. they gave me a quick stare from top to bottom. i smiled at them; they open the door for me as i walk in; i was looking for my aunt ; i didnt see her yet; but as i make my way inside; there was a 3-4 other men also waiting in the front lobby..they kind of all looking toward my directions. one of the men then came up to me..and said: ” can i request you my dear?” i didnt understand..with puzzled on my face..then my aunt came out from behind the back..she was tending to her customers and didnt see me i guess this is the right place. Auntie has massage parlour not a salon..i was surprised. Auntie then turned over to me..Vickiee so glad you can stop by..kind of crazy day today; we are very busy.. just go to my room and she pointed to the back and wait for auntie.. so i made my way back ; and went into the back room; a few minutes later.. my auntie popped in and said vickie you mind helping me doing some massages? If they ask for he(happy ending) just say you’d get another masseuse in. Can u? I said sure auntie. Where do u want me to start. She then pointed to room 5 . He just got in there. I gathered all the toiletries then proceeded to room 5; I opened the door slightly and walked inside. An older gentleman already in there lying down face up. I said hello. I was wearing a lower cut tees and skirt. I introduced myself and make some small talk. He then said you must be new. I said not really I just don’t work as often. I lay a light cloth over the gentleman; and reached over to his shoulder. I’m pretty short 4’9 to be exact. And could not reach the top of his shoulder as I’m leaning to reach him ; he put his arm around my waist and grab my ass I smiled . and continue to work on his shoulder and then moved down his back; he then reached back and moved his hands up my back and massaging my back; i smiled; sir; im supposed to be doing the massage; he laughed; youre a cute thing; he tried to kiss me then; i turned my head; sir; i have to insist; he then stopped; i can started to see his erection now; i then asked him to turn over; i then start to work his legs and thighs; and down to his ankles and feet..i then asked are you relaxed now? he said yes i am sweetie; then i climbed on his back and used my feet to loosen his back muscles; after a few minutes; i motioned him to turn over; i was on his back still; he turned over and i started to step on his chest gingerly; he then said you are very good; can i request you next time; or may i have your number? sure thing i said; although im not supposed to give out my number; i decide to just because he was so nice; after we exchanged numbers; i continued to work his upper thigh; and moved down to his buttocks and with some more oil and massaged his rectum; i think he enjoyed that..and and moved down to his balls; he was older so his balls was sagging a bit; but i tried to handle it easier; and this point he started to get erected. and so although im not supposed to. i decide to massage his shafts; and ask him did you want to release his cum. but dont tell the owner that i did this..he smiled and said i wont; he asked if i could suck his cock; it will feel better and most guys come in here always look for this; i said sure but dont tell anyone i will be in i started to massage his balls and at the same time sucking his shafts; i can start to taste his precum..i asked did you want to release his cum inside my mouth he moaned oh i continue to suck more harder and after a few minutes he did cum inside my throat and i swallowed; the cum tastes very fresh; i knew he was healthy and clean.. i continue to suck until he has no more cum.. and i allowed him to i was cleaning up; he handed me some cash as tips ..i said thank you but you dont need to give me too much. i only took the customary and hand him back the rest. he said i will call me; i said sure; we can go out for coffee or something;…

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