house party 2022

at birth your mom and dad gave you a name; growing up you may have a nickname because of something around you or your friends; might have given you a name; or your girl friends grow customs to calling you; some names you are given you learn to like or want to be accepted; but sometimes because of family, or friends; you’ve accepted that name that they have given you; the reason i’m telling this story because at one time i was out with friends and someone during their drunkenness called me names; but somehow that stuck with me;; i wasnt with my friends; at the time we were separated at a huge house party; i was a little buzzed as well and got separated from my group of friends; somehow i joined another group and really did not know them but then got pulled into this group of people that were playing some beer pong; i’ve never really played; some one’s turn is up and that person somehow wasnt there; so someone behind pushed me forward; i fell forward; and got the crowd cheering; a guy nearby hey bitch you’re up; i was already buzzed; looked at him and trying to say my name but somehow nothing came out; i just looked at him; and just went for it; and yelled out sure i’ll play; but you guys need to tell me what to do? how is the game played; the crowd started to laugh and said sure we’ll show you no problem; its easy;i look around and the room at this point was all guys; i guess i was the only girl in the crowd; not sure how i got here;..a guy near by then yelled to play you have take your top off first. That’s the rule right guys?!. I was a bit hesitant thought that was an odd rule. Then a couple guy behind me grabbed me.. & yank my shirt tits pop right out; everyone laughed; i heard some jeers; and then some guys in the crowd; asked aloud; hey can we suck your tit? i turn around smile..and wiithout a thought; agreed. then a few guys closes to me grabbed me..and 1 guy reached for my breast and started sucking my nipples. i was taken aback but i didnt push him away. then another guy also did the same with the other breast….pretty soon the guys were all swarming around me..ripping my remaining clothes off..a couple guys then took their cock out..and 1 put their cock near my mouth; i just knew that instinctively that i opened my mouth start sucking it..he moaned; omg shes so good; another guy then said bitch you are getting fucked tonight; is that ok? i looked at him with cock still in my mouth..and somehow i said yes..fuck me.. I think there were like 20 guys in the room; and as if they were in heat..all swarming and wanted a piece of me..somehow I enjoyed the attention; ive fucked before but never with this many guys; I was never known to be a slut but I guess that changed today; some guy grabbed me and turned me and put me on my back.i already had 1 guy inside me and as he was cumming and pulled out another guy put his cock in and sliding it in me with vicious thrust;  another guy then cum in my ass at the same time and then shoved in my ass; ive had ass fucking before but not like this; I could not stop them or wanted them to stop..another guy in the back of the room; hey save some for me..i don’t know why but I gazed toward his directions..and said you can have me don’t worry; you’ll get your this point; I was a bit sore so the guys knew that then pumped me liquor and smoke in my mouth;; I was pretty high then..guys were then calling me all kind of names but one stuck was whore.. somehow I like that name being called that..i stopped for a second and ask him what did you call me? He repeat Whore.. I then repeat yes Im your whore…fuck me like a whore guys. The guys were in a frenzy..

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