pretending drunk

i was at a house party; i was pretty buzzed; so i lean on some guy; his shoulder was muscular it felt good; so even though i was buzzed but not completely drunk; as i lean back; i heard some guys whisper; that hey that bitch is drunk looks like she’s out; to other guys..even though i was buzzed but i could hear them planning something. then suddenly the guy i was leaning against; picked me up. and said to the crowd; she must be tired. so i wanted to see what they’re doing; i can tell one of the guys pour some drinks into my mouth..hey drink some more of this stuff; you’d feel better. i can tell its tasted like this point i think he’s trying to get me more drunk..i drank it down but with my eye(s) still close..i can tell that i was carried to a different room. and then i was laid down to a bed..i still havent moved and pretending to be drunk and wasted still. i can tell that my undies are being pulled down to my this point i wanted to sit up but was curious..what they were up to..then i can sense a cock swollen to my face; then i can taste cum to my face and mouth; if im not completely drunk; i pretend to open my mouth and started sucking; that turned me on as well; and i think the guys knew that i was into the play..they took turn shoving their cock into my mouth and i taste and swallowed their cum in my mouth..then i heard the door opened; and other guys were coming in..i can hear them she still drunk?then 1 guy took me and i can sense his cock thrust into my this point i was very turned on..but i think the guys afraid i might wake up..they smoked into my i glanced around the room; there were alot of guys ; probably 7 or 8 or even more..all waiting their turns to fuck..

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