RP or is it real?

I did my fair share of role play ; it’s fun and exciting..what if it’s not rp? I’ve never used the secret word before even tho it was always available. my favorite RP would be a bus ride, an uber ride; a pretending kidnapping? groping, moestation ? my favorite would be race play or ra_pe play. somehow i always wondered how would we know if its RP or is it real? especially if its in a cnc situation where you dont know the intended party involved? i like those the best who you dont know which party is involved so it keeps you guessing all the time; if this is RP or if its a real situation; if i knew it was RP then we already know that its not real and therefore the excitement is somewhat diminished dont you think? what are your thoughts? One time I was at a local bar..a hooters having a meal with some friends..a guy came in by himself gawking at some of the waitresses looks like he’s been drinking already. You can smell alcohol under his breath as he’s walking by.. you can tell that some of the waitresses was trying to avoiding him. He decided to pull up close to our table. As he was walking pass my chair it appears he was nudging and brushing up against me. I glanced up and our eyes met. His eyes were cold and piercing that sent shivers up my spine.. My friends was involved in the group conversation and didn’t notice him.. I decided to head to the ladies room to empty my bladder; been eating and drinking for a couple hours. as i turn the corner a hand grab my shoulder and pulled me down..didn’t see who it was..then I was dragged into a room nearby looks like a storeroom..the room was dark but you can see a bit of sunlight through the crack in the window.

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