the hubby’s boss

My husband Kevin was expecting a colleague to come over where they’d meet to do some extra work as they had a deadline.. Kevin already called ahead to give me the heads up.
I was getting ready to go out myself. Then I heard the doorbell. I was a bit half dressed went & answer the door. A tall black guy stood in front of me. Hi I’m looking for Kevin? Oh yes please come in;I’m Vickie Kevin’s wife;Kevin’s on his way home…he should be home any minute..then he walked through the front door.
I showed him the living room. Then I said please make yourself comfortable at home. He looked around then glanced at me. I had my top still not pull down not completely showing a bit of my navel. Embarrassed. I said oh I’m sorry can I get u something to drink? I didn’t catch your name? I noticed he was looking down my cleavage area. I looked down to make sure nothing was inappropriate. He then said l I’m Duke. I work with Kevin. Kevin never said anything about having a cute asian wife at home.i smiled oh thank you. Then I said make yourself at home let me get you something to drink. Duke then followed me to the kitchen I unknowingly didn’t realize that….he came up from behind me & grab my waist..I was startled. Duke? Can I help you? Duke then said well u did say make myself comfortable ?. Hopefully you don’t mind…i tried to push Duke away. But he was extremely strong. He then started to put his hands on my breast. Duke then said Bitch you turn me on…your tits are amazing..let me see bitch…Duke then rip my top off.i was startled but not scared.. I was a bit excited..he then pin me down on the kitchen counter & suck my nipples..I stopped fighting him & allowed him to have his way with me. I think he saw that I was excited as well. He then unzipped himself & pull out his huge cock..& says I’m going to fuck you bitch….i gasp for air… as he move his cock down my hole. I was all wet.

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