inferior, slut


What does that really mean? Permission is granted? Why is this even up for debate? As a girl a female I already know permission is not necessary? I never say no to any men… as female I understand that I am inferior to all men. I never understood feminism. I submit to all men. I seek their approval all the time.. I give unconditional consent to all MEN!!

3 thoughts on “Consent”

  1. Well that’s true though, “to each there own”, as most of the women I know DEFINITELY require “consent/permission” but I still atleast ask before hand to be safe as I dare not offend/hurt and woman at all.

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  2. While I kinda get where you’re coming from, that’s not all feminism is about. You wouldn’t have the right to vote, own property, or work without the women’s rights movement. It goes far beyond these simple ideas as well. Not gonna go into this much here, but it’s much more than what boils down to consensual non-consent.


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