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Morning Run..

Morning run

I then slip into my shorts and for some reason I couldn’t find my sport bra I usually wear..didnt want to be late; I forgo that and just put on my hoodie sweat..grabbed my phone and head out the door..its still dark and chilly..i love the morning chill and the coldness of the morning woke me even more..i lived in an upstair apartment and so I climbed down the stairs; didn’t want to wake up the neighbors.. as I walked down the steel stairs..i glanced across the street; some street vendor is out already selling morning breakfast food from a food truck..i thought wow they’re out early today..i usually don’t see them until 6-7 am or so..anyhow..i started my stretch routine…as I bent down and stretch my hind legs..i was wearing shorts..thinking in this morning chill should have put on long sweats.. but It tend to get tangle as I run I usually like to wear my shorts..I figure it will warm up as I run…I usually run about 30 minutes around the block then down the street to the local high school where I would use their lap..i then started a slow I approach the food truck a hooded guy stocky looking..yelled out. Miss..i turned around he then grabbed my arm..where you going miss.? I stopped took my airpods out of my ear..and look up..through the darkness I can make out he was staring at me..and look down at my legs.. I then asked yes? He then..reach out to my waist..and wrap his hands around my abs…& squeeze my breasts and pulled me closer to him..i tried to struggle to get from his grip..but he was strong.. his hands is huge then he put his hands over my mouth and then put me over his shoulder. He then ran down the alleyway and entered what seemed to be an abandoned warehouse in the back of the building with me bumping on his shoulder..pretty soon we were inside ..everything was dark; he then through me on the cement floor; I did not try to run or resist..i was afraid he may hurt me..without saying a word..he unzip himself..and pull out his cock.. and dangle his cock in front of my face; it must have been at least 8-9 inches and thick; I instinctively kissed its head.softly .and opened my lips and suck its head softly at first.. he then grunted but didn’t say a word..he then motioned to me to slide down his cock..i understood..his cock was so big it was hard for me to open my mouth wide enough to wrap around his cock..he uses his hand and pushed my head if he wanted to shove it down to my throat…I did not he continue to shove his cock deep into my throat..and I can start to feel the massive cock expanding my throat..i can sense …he finally pull out so I can gasp some hair..and looked up..he still has his hoodies covering much of his face..but I can tell that he is like an animal in heat and I didn’t dare resist him..he then motioned me to lie down and open up my legs..i did just this point he already ripped my undies to shreds..he took his massive cock now and placed at my pussy; but has not inserted in yet..not sure what he’s waiting this point I can sense that my pussy is pulsating..i took his hand and motioned to insert it.. he then push me down..and inserted gently..even so I was in pain from my pussy being stretched so much from his massive cock..i pain..he then slap my he utters..” Bitch me fuck you” the slap to my face woke me up but then I started to feel aroused even in the face of danger..he then push his cock further in..and continue to slide in and out…we were at it at least a couple hours..i was exhausted..i can finally sense he came inside I hear him groan..he had so much semen it seeped outside my pussy.. as if satisfied..he motioned me to kneel down….then he point to his cock for me suck him again..i dare not disobey..i opened my mouth and starting to suck his cock again..suddently I can taste his cum again..the taste of cum got me excited and aroused. His cum continue to flow in my mouth..he then slap me hard twice more..and he grunted “SUCK” so I continue to suck his cock harder and harder and sliding his cock in and out of my mouth..his cum continue flow..i was amazed of how much cum is coming out..but his cock is still erected.. he then flip me over and motioned me to be on all fours.. he then opened up my hind legs.. and he proceeded and placing his tongue to my asshole..i almost gasp and was shivering and shaking…. I started to squirt…I;ve never squirted this much before… he then proceeded to position him in such a way to insert is cock into my ass..and now fucking me in my matter how much I screamed he continue to slide his cock into my ass and at the same time play finger my pussy..i was so this point..and not sure when but I passed out…

my clock alarm went off; i glanced at it; grudgingly awoken me up from my deep sleep; i didnt really have a good night sleep. it appears i went in and out of dream state all night. its time for my morning jog..i religiously do this every morning; the morning jog refresh my mind and body and energize. it also keeps me fit and healthy.. this morning however, my alarm clock was early; not sure what happened. its 4:20 am but i decided since im up i should get my jog in early to start the day…

When I came to..the sun was high perhaps around noon; I was still in the abandoned warehouse.. the man that grabbed me during my early morning jog is nowhere to be to me was a fresh change of clothing.. the mystery man was gone.. am I going to ever going to see him again? I gathered my clothing or whats left of it..and put on the change of clothing that was left for me and walked out of the warehouse. Car driving by…traffic was bustling.. back and forth; no one had any idea what had happened to me..

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7 thoughts on “Morning Run..”

    1. It is good. I just wrote a short piece with u in mind. It’s not the full story I’m gonna do, but I hope you enjoy it as a teaser. It’s posted already.


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