CNC, slut

consensual or not?

when is it consensual and when is it not? some may think there’s a fine line and some may think it is clear cut.. in the realm real life however these 2 things may not as clear hence the game of CNC- it is a game within a game..yes some may say it is dangerous but at the same time; it is exciting; many of my fantasies and i have numerous.. originated from real life experiences. there’s a game called Consensual non Consent; i didnt know what that was; until a guy said him and his buddies had this idea and thought it might be interesting; the way it worked is the game would be acted out based on a safe word; i

t is like a game within a game..the game was set up by a friend..but he monitors the game like an umpire; the others involved in the game dont know the other people involved..the only person i knew was my friend Bob…so bob told me to go at a specific location and how to dress..most of the time very skimpy clothing; sometimes the game can take on its own personality; because people not involved in the game may inadvertently participate; so the consenting part is that i agree to take part…the nonconsensual part is not knowing whats going to happen..but that’s why its interesting..and i was intrigue by it..

the only detail i was given i was told to be at a local bar and i had to be i got dressed and came after work; i had a white mini knitted dress with high heels the instructions was to show up at the bar and start drinking and thats when the game starts..; a guy came up behind me and tapped my shoulder; hey miss; what’s your Ben ( so i was thinking is the guy part of the game..but you really dont know..if he’s a real guy or part of the game..thats why this game is fun and exciting) you’re really pretty Ben says; can i buy you a drink; i said sure thing; this was pre-covid so i figured it was fine; i am in a bar setting; so Ben ask whats your pleasure? i said whatever youre having is fine with me. Ben was having whiskey on the rocks; Ben then said what if i told you that i’m really turn on…i smile..aww thanks..ben..Ben as if he was afraid that i didnt believe him; he says really? he took my touch his bulge..i was a little taken aback; he was all swollen..i smiled wow youre really serious..that was fast….he then glanced down my tops; and says not only me but my buddies too; guys would want to do alot to you huh? ..i smile; aww thats sweet Ben.. after a couple more drinks; looks like he’s really generous throwing cash to the bartender and says keep it coming; especially for this little lady..after a couple drinks; Ben figured i was a bit loose because i did not resist his he held me tight. there were other guys around the bar kind of giving me the look; i just smiled; not sure if they are part of the game because you dont know..he then held me closer with his arms wrapping my entire body to his..i was pretty buzzed; and went with it..suddenly i felt another pair of hands touching my ass but it wasn’t Ben’s; i turned around and there was a couple other guys smiling..they ask Ben..hey can we share her? Ben sure but you guys need to take care of drinks next round..…i was wearing a tight mini knitted dress on .in my haste i decided not to wear my bras just went all natural i think Ben liked it and other guys were staring too;..i like the staring. and didnt want to restrict my twins too much; i think that got some attraction..

i guess this is the part of the game that i used the secret word..but suddenly now i cant remember… what is it…

pretty soon there were a big crowd of guys around all buying drinks ; it was alot of fun.that night flirt with alot of guys…i dont like guys fighting over me..i think we can all get along; Ben was also had a good time..i think..he had his hand in my undies.. and said hey guys lets have her take her undie off..everyone in the crowd liked that idea..i felt a little pressure.. but Ben was already playing with my pussy.. and i like the attention; and you got to give the men what they want.. i didnt want to get in trouble; not sure where the game will take next..i said yes.. Ben took off my undies; and he passed it around; guys were smelling my soiled guys really like that without undies im pretty much a crowd room of men.. i like this feeling;; i can fuck all of them i was thinking to myself.. all these cocks for me to have? anyhow;; a guy came up to me..and said you are awsome Vickie; willing to entertain us; i said sure…Ben then said; do you notice there’s not even 1 female here; youre does that make you feel; i said its awsome.. anyways the surprise is they are all here to see a show..a show i said? suddenly a big husky black guy came from behind the back he is probably 250-300 pounds.. Ben this is Butch… was just release from prison and he hasngt been with a women in 5 years.. guess what? i was still in shock.. we are going to let him fuck you… and we will video stream live this…what do you think? i did not know what to say…

Butch this is your lucky day..this missy is Vickie is your present from all of us…Butch then came toward me.. Bitch you cannot run.. Ben and a couple other guys then tied me down ..

Butch then spread my legs and starting eating my pussy…i think i died and went to heaven..he ate so ferocious..i think i almost came..everyone was watching.. i/ve never done anything like this before.. but i always like to perform in public like this..

8 thoughts on “consensual or not?”

  1. Mmm, very hot. Thinking about that happening to you. If you like non-con stuff, you might enjoy the very first story on my blog called Performance Art. It’s pretty perverted though.


      1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, all the writing on my blog is original. I love thinking up all kinds of perverted sex stories. I have a story you might like on Literotica too. Find the post on my blog referencing Literotica and you will find the link to it. I used to have a bunch of stories up there, but took them down a couple of years ago. Might put some back up again eventually.


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