Light Out

i’ve never gotten high and dont really do drugs; but on a few occasions; i swear i think im high; have you ever drank enough shit that it got you high ; sometimes a little buzz is better than fucken drunk; i dont drink til the point im going to puke or anything; i dont think i ever have. i feel that i could stop and not drink that much;..but then there are times that i’d want to be so wasted that i dont know what’s going on.. i want to be able to feel that; numb everything and lose all inhibition; have you ever thought of that;

anyhow there was this one time after i got done with finals at school ; as i was gearing to get my stuff and head home for christmas..i was in my dorm; most people already cleared out and head for home. i was about to leave as well; and almost done packing then i heard some footsteps from down the hall; the litted hallway suddently went dark; maybe the building just lost power?; the afternoon light from the window now only had dim light in the room; so i guess i need to get out of here soon; but i’m not finishing packing; i went out to the hallway; but it was already dark; trying to see if there’s a light switch; as i was moving down the hallway; suddenly i can feel someone breathing on the back of my neck. i turn around; but didnt see anyone. as i continue to move down the hall; then i found a light switch; but apparently power was out; i knew i had to get out of here very soon; as i turned the corner; a pair of hands reach out to my shoulder; that startled me;i look up..hello..? whos that? i found out it was the security guard; Mister Bob; oh im glad its you Mister Bob; what happen to the lights? he said i dont know missy; are you ok? why are you still here? i was packing and it all got dark; Mister Bob then says who’s here with you? i said im by myself; i was busy packing to go home and forgot the time…Mister Bob then took my hands and said follow me missy…so i went with Mister Bob; it was dark i couldnt see anything; so i grabbed onto Mister Bob. Mister Bob as if he knew that i was scared so he put his arms around my waist.. and led me down the hall..then i started noticing his hands moved downward to my ass..i was  too scared and didnt pay attention; Mister Bob then said; hold on tight Missy; dont get lost..Mister Bob then stopped;  and put out a joint to light up; Missy you need to smoke this; it will relaxed you; youre too tense..i think he has a point; so i took a couple drag; and i think that did the trick; i got relaxed; but then i felt dizzy though..after a few minutes; Mister Bob continued down the hallway; its as if we were going in circles or i felt that we were going in circles..or maybe a little dizzy; Mister Bob; then stopped  noticing that I was dizzy; are you ok Missy..he then took me into a room nearby; let me go in here and rest; til I can figure out how to turn the light on? I said ok Mister Bob; it was a counselor room had a  bed and couch; mister Bob sat me down.. I was a little dizzy maybe from the smoke; Mister Bob then got me a glass of water..the water looked a bit cloudy..but I was too wasted; I think im a little high; Mister Bob ask are you high yet? I said I think so…Mister Bob then hand me the glass of water; drink this; you’d feel better.. at that moment a couple other guys came in.. also security guards..they ask Mister Bob did you give it to her yet? Mister Bob said yes..3 other security guards then I saw them closed the door behind them; Mister Bob ask me what’s my name? Missy whats your name? why would he ask me that; as I attempted to answer; the words couldn’t come out of my mouth; did I forgot my name ? I didn’t answer..Mister Bob says; well your name is Whore you hear? Whore? Weird name ok..i guess that’s my other security guards name is Drew, Kit and John…Drew then said hey Whore..i turned around. You will do as you told you hear? In confusion; I said yes sir. Last thing I remembered was Mister Bob unzipped himself and put his cock in my mouth…I just instinctively suck on his cock..Mister Bob said good girl whore..suck it like your life depends on it..were going to make you have black babies in 9 months..the group then laughed…who’s the dad is anybody’s I was sucking Mister Bob huge cock; Drew took out a marker pen and wrote the word WHORE across my chest.. btw whore that doesn’t erase! Hahaha; the group laughed; I had no idea what he was saying.. Mister Bob cock was now swollen so much filled up my mouth…I slide my mouth down his shaft and deep throat his cock; I think he was satisfied; Mister Bob grabbed my throat and gave a gentle squeeze; I almost gasped out of breath..Drew yelled; hey don’t kill her; its my turn next… Mister Bob laughed; we each get a hole; I fucked her mouth you can fuck her ass and all of us fuck her pussy’s that? Mister Bob says I always liked her ass.. I was thinking how did they know I have a big ass.. thinking of being fuck in the ass  gave me goose bump; only tried it once and it was quite painful.. Mister Bob climaxed and finally ccame…his cum was oozing out of my mouth..he then pull out his cock and sprayed the remain of his cum on my face… Drew then pulled me to his side and started sucking my tits; I have a 34 B cup so because I have a small frame; it does appear that its Mister Bob mentioned; her tits are so good right Drew…I can suck that all day..Drew then started eating my pussy…I was already wet..and that felt good; being eaten…I moaned so much.. Drew then slide his huge cock into my mouth;; wow 2 cocks in 1 day.. I don’t deserve this;..i was thinking to myself…so I started sucking it again..while the other 2 guards was getting their cocks ready; tapping their cock on my face.. all the while Drew had me suck his cock..Drew says Whore you nasty whore; you love cock don’t you…I said yes sir; I do love sucking cocks..

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