sugar baby

I’ve never thought of myself as a “sugar baby” but I’ve been approached multiple times in social setting , online on social media even in person at my regular job and also in public places..

not sure if the proposals were serious; but i’ve never really contemplated on being a sugar baby; i’ve asked other sugar babies; how is their situations and what is a sugar baby; most responded; is simply providing friendship or companionship to each other; so do what you are comfortable with.

sugar baby

so on 1 occasions; i was at the park enjoying the sun; i was approached by an older gentleman; he was walking his dog and he approach my park bench..

Miss may i sit here with you; i said of course; i scooted over so he may sit down; as he sat down; he started to struck a conversation; thinking back i wasnt sure what the small talk was about or how it got started; but we talked everything about the weather, politics, tv shows;

he then shared a really sad story..he lives by himself and havent been with a woman since his wife pass away from a couple years; ago; and he long to be touched or touch a woman. he ask if he can touch me. i was touched by his story; and said yes; you can touch me sir ; he was so filled with strong emotions; and started tearing he held my hands and caressed my fingers. such a gentle man. he then ask ” where do you live? what do you do? so i shared with him im just an medical office worker but currently not employed; he was very understanding; and listened to me..

i subsequently went with him back to his apartment; it was spacious apartment but he was by himself; it felt cold in his apartment; Tim is his name; we then proceeded to spend a few more hours in his home.

i felt he was happy that i visited him; and wanted to make him feel at ease; and allow him to hold me; he then caress my breast gently.. and then he slowly unbutton my blouse; i did not resist and allowed him; i didnt want to deny him its as if he really wanted to . my breast exposed he then ask if he could..i told him you dont need to ask; you can do whatever you want or need; he thanked me; and proceeded in removing my clothing; i can feel his erection; and he motioned me to touch his penis; and i knew as all men would like so i proceeded to suck his enlarged cock now ; as if he has not been with a woman for a long time; his excitement came very quickly and as soon as i put his cock in my mouth; he came very quickly…but i continue to suck and lick along his shaft and then stayed on his head and kept sucking; i think he enjoyed that very much; his smiles says its all; i then lick his entire shaft and went back to his head; he cock is nearly limp but i didnt give up kept sucking and he continue to cum; but then a few minutes went by; he started to have an erection again; he was very surprise; and said that has never happen before. with his cock fully erected; he ask if he could fuck me..i said of course youre the man take charge; at this point i wanted to be fucked as well. i was getting wet; he ask if its ok because he didnt have a condom. i said its ok i trust you. you can fuck me if you want. Tim then says yes i do want to fuck you..he then placed me down on the floor and proceeded to insert his now erected cock inside me..his fully erected cock now has penetrated me and it felt really good; he maintain his forward thrust for several minutes; and still wanted more; but then he says.. i think i am close..with all the excitement; he continue on and kept thrusted his fully erect cock deep inside me. he then in his excitement came inside me..

he ask if i could stay for the night…i said yes…then during the night he fucked me 3 more times.

so this is my first experience of a sugar baby… providing companionship .. is this what a sugar baby? not sure; i told my girl friend of my experiences and she says thats what i am..

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