girl, slut

a kiss…

how much is enough or too much? i never knew how much or how deep to kiss someone; if it was initiated by you or by the guy..

i always mostly allow the guy to initiate to how deep or how long he want to kiss..

when i get kissed i usually tend to lose myself in the kiss; whether its a guy i hardly know or even a stranger in a social setting; when a guy kisses you he would always caress your back or squeeze your tits and/or ass or your pussy;

i tend to allow guys have their way with me… there’s no harm in that..alot of my girlfriends says that i’m too ez..a slut; at first i didnt know what that meant; but eventually i knew what it meant; and like the name..i really didnt care how i am labeled. if thats being a slut..then there i am a slut..i think i was 16 at the time; i think word spread around so i started to be pretty popular with the guys.

after high school i was very familiar with boys although my parents were unaware.. if you ask me what drawn me to boys; i am not sure; i just like the feeling of being controlled and held by a guy..i like the feeling of being taken care of; and in trade off…i think boys like the softness of a girl like me…they like to touch and hold something soft; i think i learned that early on..and it stayed with me.

when we were young teens and such ; you really dont know. the first boy that got closed to me was actually a few years older than me. i was in the 8th grade i think he was in high school at the time. i was cruising with some friends and some high school kids were flirting with a group of us…not necessarily me..A boy liked some girl in our group but she didnt like him for some reason im not sure…so she kinda pushed him away and everyone kind of scattered ..i was still in the area waiting for my girlfriend to use the restroom; i was dressed pretty cute back then; with a tube top and a skinny shorts.. this was during the summer when school was out.. he then came over and motioned to me..hey whats your name..i said Vickiee; whats yours? he said you dont know me? are you in my school? so he goes to Poly High some athlete on the school team of some sort i found out later…my name is Donald.. he lean over and gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek..he then says; please to meet smell good and your skin so soft. i said oh thank you…Donald then ask so what you doing now? i said nothing just hanging out waiting for my girlfriend ; but then i didnt see her anywhere; i guess she figured i left already.. he then took my hand and said do you want to hang out;..his friends were nearby watching us..i said sure…i took the bus i dont have a ride..Donald then said dont worry about it i’ll take you home…he was very gentle and took me to his side..i think he liked me..we made small talk and pretty soon he lean down and kiss me..i can sense his tongue reach into my mouth…i didnt know how to kiss i just let him take the lead..people around me was staring…a few moments past by Donald held me closer…and said: ” do you like kissing?” i said a bit shy..yes..i’ve never been kiss like that before.. Donald then took a choker collar out of his pocket..i think it belonged to the other girl that he was fighting with earlier; he said i want you to wear this it ok? i said sure; what is it? he put it on me…then he’re my girl ok? i giggled ..sure.. he then whisper in my ear..:” you have to listen to me ok?” do you know what that means? i said yes i understand Donald.

it is with this boy that i discovered i like being controlled and being submissive; i was taught by Donald that i need to obey him …i just liked to please him..

that was a good memory i had when i was a little girl…

now that im a bit older that memory traveled with me; and the experience with Donald reinforce my submissive personality;

so guys if you see me out in public.. if you feel the urge to kiss me dont be afraid; dont even ask…just kiss me…i will kiss back….and more…

dont waste your money on escort services or call girls…or sugar babies.. there’s a gold mine with asians like me…most people think we are conservative..traditional; that is so far from the truth..

finishing my beer..

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