first look first impression

dating is fun but was also nervousness; especially when youre trying to make a good impression; a look a stare a touch; the anticipation of how the date will end; does he like me; is he looking at me..does he like what he sees; is my hair ok? does he like how i dress? am i sexy enough ? should i show more cleavage or less? should i touch his hand or allow him to touch my hair; all these thoughts is racing; does my smile look inviting; licking my lips does that show that i think he’s cute; what if he touches me or hold me; how should i respond? should i let him kiss me? or should i kiss him first? should i be ez and let him touch me or should i resist his advances…no i do want him to touch me, hold me, if he kisses me i will kiss back; does my tits look inviting to him? Shout show more cleavage? Do I mean him or others stare at my tits? Hell no I like it when I get stare at. Do I want men to squeeze my tits playfully? Hell yes.

in all of these thoughts; not really paying attention to people around me; it was a crowded room; but i not noticing anyone; i am giving him my total attention as it should be..

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