I was sitting at a local park sipping on my favorite boba drink & watching people walking by. It was a pretty sunny day. Playing with my phone swiping through the daily news.. then suddenly received a ping notification text. I glanced at the unread texts. At first didn’t want to read it yet; a few minutes went by. saw a couple more people goes by and then a large stalky guy walking a poodle which caught my attention; somehow that seemed like an odd couple ..toward the distance i can see some cars approaching the parking lot; and a dark van pulled up in the parking lot and parked still. didn’t look like a ups van. kind of odd having a ups van pull up to a park. i was thinking to myself; maybe the driver is taking a lunch break. then i heard another ping on my phone. saw a second texts. so i pull up my phone now to open up. first text not sure who it came from just list some number that i dont recognize..texts said “ hey pretty..we want you..” weird texts. i didnt respond ; probably a wrong numbered texts which i get from time to time.. then i read another texts..” bitch! are you teasing us..looking good in the purple top there..” that second texts got my attention..; how did they know i was wearing a purple top? i then put my phone down and looked around; there’s people walking around; didnt look like i knew anyone..; i text back..:” thank you kindly; but i think you got the wrong number”. at that moment couple guys was walking their dog near me… a return text pinged mistake; we like you and wanted yi noticed the 2 guys who was walking their dog; had their phone in their hand and pointed toward me..i think they were snapping some pics; i am used to that; people do that all the time; so i smiled and didnt think of anything but then they walked toward me. they were smiling so i smiled back; but then 1 of them grabbed my arm; and pull me toward him; and walked toward the black van parked earlier; i go where are you taking me? he just said come with me. the other guy pull out a zip tie and had my wrist tied; purse and handbag and phone was on the ground; but they said; dont worry about those; you wont be needing it where you going. but then he motioned to another guy in the van to fetch it; the sliding door of the van was opened; it was dark inside the van;i was thrown in the van; the driver then said “dont damage the merchandise”; a merchandise? i was thinking to myself whats happening to me…they didn’t bother to cover my eyes; i can see that there’s about 5 in the back of the van with 2 up front; Billy was the one that zip tied my hands in the back; said; can we examine her now. the driver motioned yes. Billy pull me in the back and motioned to Victor who sat in the back; i think it’s your turn you lucky dog; Victor had huge hands and with an open palm grab my neck and pull me toward him; he squeezed too tight; i couldn’t breathe for a few seconds..Billy. yelled dont damage the goods; So victor ease up his grip; i was now scared…as victor let loose the rest of the guys rip my top off cut off my shorts and but left my thong; and as they remove other items of clothing; another guy was taking pics of me and videotaping; get her ready for our client; dont you guys touch the merchandize the driver said; i still dont know what these guys are up to..i’m not sure how long we drove; but it appears at least an hour; Billy then put a dog leash on my neck and said to the driver; this bitch is all set boss. after the van stopped Billy and the driver whose name i found out later is Butch; Butch is a stalky black guy he then; took the leash and threw me to the ground and motion me to stay down; as he motion me to stay down to the ground; and he walked toward some bushy areas; and motion me to kneel down; he then unzip himself and pull out his dick; omg he is at least 9-10 inches long and very thick; Butch then without saying anything looked at me as if telling me; i just knew what i am supposed to do..i opened my mouth and start sucking him; i can start to taste his precum; he then said swallow that shit bitch; but i am going to let you have my load inside you hear? i did not dare to disobey..after a few moments pass by; he pulled out of my mouth and motion billy to come close; let her suck you too…you deserve to have a piece…Billy as if very happy pull out his dick too and as i start to suck Billy his dick grew larger very quickly; Butch then motioned me to to lay kneel on all fours; as i continue to suck Billy; I can tell Billy is starting to cum..Billy moaned out to Butch; Boss i can’t hang on any longer; she is very Billy cum his entire load and i did not dare not swallow; as i was kneeling down Butch pull down my thong to show my pussy; he then slowly push his huge dick; he was so big it was so painful; but i did not dare to stop; Butch seemed to be please; and yell at me whore you are fucked today! Butch then proceed to shove his cock deeper into me…with each thrust i moan such a nasty slut always needing dick Yes sir; i love sucking on dicks; cant help myself;

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