Party favors..

My best friend Ryan who was giving a bachelor party for his brother was panicking calling me. & says:” hey girl I need a huge favor” can you please help. Sure what do u need? Ryan said the entertainment for my bachelor just canceled & I got guest coming …some are friends of their guests already here all are my brothers friends from out of town. I need your help. Believe me I didn’t want to bother you. Can u please help I’d owe u big time Vickie.

Ryan is my best friend so I’d want to help. So I said to Ryan.. “sure thing Ry… what do you want me to do? Ryan says:” Can u come over & be the entertainment.. just kind of play to the crowd and mingle sort of” . I’d owe you Vic. Dont worry i’d pay whatever we were supposed to pay the entertainment to you instead;

Ok Ryan I’ll be right over.let me change & I’ll come in a bit. Ryan as if relieved. Well hurry. crowds getting restless.
After hung up on the phone, I went to my room and look around for something to wear; couldn’t find anything that would be for a bachelor party; I’ve never been to one so not sure what to expect. but I do know these kind of gatherings are generally is for the groom last opportunity to play before getting married;  Not sure what the big deal was but I’ve heard of gatherings at vegas; so I thought maybe I dress up as if i was partying in vegas; so I took a wife beater t shirt that my brother had; I quickly cut up the shirt to midriff so show a little skins and a bit of my underboob & abs would be good. Ryan did say that I would basically be the entertainment. I know how to dance at clubs but never done this of any kind. but  I didn’t have time to think; I put on a blazer and a pair of skinny shorts with some high heels would be a nice touch & a netted stockings. I drove to Ryan’s..i only live across town; but good thing traffic was not bad.. i drove into Ryan’s driveway in about 15 minutes. As I got out of the car Ryan met me at the door.

I can see he was surprised & happy to see me.:” Vic you look gorgeous! “ anyhow go ahead go in. There’s about 2 & half dozens guys and in there. Some I know some are the guest friends. They’re all here to surprise my brother Tommy. You remember Tommy. He’s not here yet. We’re gonna surprise him later. Let me take you in. Just have fun ok. It might get wild. Are u ok with that Ryan ask. Don’t worry Ry I’d be ok. They don’t know u; they think your a legit entertainment. Tommy won’t remember you it’s been awhile so don’t worry. Ryan walked in first. It was a fairly rowdy crowd. Couple dozen guys standing around having a good time. Lots of booze around. Ryan then yelled loudly to get everyone’s attention. Hey guys! This is Vickie tonight entertainment! U guys take care of her ok? Then that’s when things got really loud. Lots of whistling! Never felt like this before. It was fun… more fun to come im sure…the music started; it was rock and roll; so I had to start to dance, around the guys and; im normally feel comfortable dancing; but I was pretty nervous.finally finished my first song! Lots of clapping. I really like the attention . A guy ran up to me & hand me 2 shots :” c’mon girl drink up. He also had 2 shots in his hands. I can smell the whiskey. It smelled good! So I chuck it down.’& the guys went crazy! Another song came on! So I started dancing again..the guys got a little louder. :”take it off!” Even Ryan was yelling that. So I started to take my top off slowly. Everyone loved it. Some guys were throwing bills toward me.’like a real stripper..” 1 guy rushed up to touch me & pick me up. Another guy got a hold of my tees and tug on it enough that it got ripped. Then another guy came up & pretty soon I was surrounded by guys groping & grabbing my body…Pretty soon I was like bait for room full of sharks…I wasn’t scared or anything.. Ryan was standing watching. & he came to try to break it up. he yelled out hey let the groom get a crack of her first; i was suprised but went along with it; : cmon guys she’s been fun and beautiful let’s give her some space. and be generous with her..she’s here to help us have a good time..let’s give her a little breather..Ryan got me a drink and said:” thanks Vic. go ahead and get a break…want to use the bathroom?; no i’m fine dont worry; I’m still topless with my torn. Ryan noticed my tits hanging out…so the groom came up and introduced himself; hey Vickie i’m tommy; and hand me a ripped tees with the letter Whore on them; are you ok with wearing this ? i smiled you mind if the guys call you names and stuff;..he then whisper in my ear; (secret word is water); he then said are you ok with this game? i said sure..Tommy then turn to the crowd; look it here we got a whore in the house; then the crowd exploded; cash flying everywhere. Tommy then pulled me over and show me off to the crowd; and yell out who wants a piece of the whore!.Tommy then rip my top off.. showing my tits. He then put his mouth on my left tit start sucking. I’m not going to lie I liked it. Then another guy pushed me down I was now on my knees as if begging to be fucked. Tommy then unzipped & pull out his throbbing cock not yet erected…he yelled Whore suck my cock! Ryan standing in the corner of the room..yelled out let The groom fuck her first! The crowd roar!

Batchelor’s gift

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