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random trip

tummyOnce in awhile I get tired of the old grind & wanted to change up stuff. I would go to a place I’ve never been a town I’ve never been to or a venue I’ve never tried or talk to someone out of the blue totally random. Kind of like flipping a coin except I’d use a deck of cards. I usually start the day by shooting a dart to a map of the city on my wall; wherever it land I go. Sounds odd but a lot of times it is interesting.after driving to the city I would exit into the city. Shuffling the deck of cards whatever came up let’s say it’s the 9 of clubs I would drive 9 blocks & then stop so on & so on. Anyways on 1 of these random trips I drove to a town called Dublin & ended up in a collectors shop. Have to admit I’d never walk into this kind of shop in a million years. It was like a hobby shop ; I’d walk in &’open the door which had a squeaky sounds .. the hinge door definitely needs some W40 of some sort. I was greeted by an older gentleman perhaps in his 60s. He looked up & was surprised to see an Asian young woman. He then says welcome. He handed me a ticket & pointed me to the back room. It was odd but I obliged & made my way to the back part of the building…I definitely felt outside of my element. But this is exciting to me.. it felt dusty & warm. On my way there was people mostly older folks gave me a good stare but kept to their own allowing me to familiarize myself with the strange surroundings. I saw an older gentleman looking at me. So I gathered myself & approach him. Hello sir. How are u? He then smile hello young lady …. what you’ve been up to? it was nice of you to join us here….Hello sir, i am new here; just curious what is this place.. very nice meeting you.. the gentleman smiles and said you should go in and find out; it should be interesting for you. what’s your name? China? he laughs..i thought the name sound kind of stereotypical but i’d go with it..actually i am Vickie; but you can call me China; i giggled slightly..the gentleman offer his hands and said i am Tom. . after a few pleasantries i continue my way further and enter a huge room and there were tables everywhere; looks like people were gambling ; so its a poker club. i dont know how to play poker so everything is new to me. a younger gentleman approach me.. and ask oh Miss did you want to play? please come with me; he then showed me to a table where there were 8 people already playing; i explained that i didnt know how to play. a bigger gentleman at the front of the table. hey girl come over and sit with me and get me some luck.; i smiled and said sure; this is already becoming interesting. So I stepped over to Pete which was his name. He’s pretty entertaining. Making jokes with the crowd all the while he’s playing..

fast forward i ended up in bed with him the next morning; but i woke up alone, my top is gone; but still wearing my shorts. i look around and didn’t see anyone; i glanced at the night table and saw a money clip with a note. ” for later…” not sure what it meant.

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