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beach bumb

Once awhile I like to head to the beach enjoying the ocean breeze & soaking a bit of sun. Love lying on the beach watching people walk by. Love to see guys cruise by.. I would always get a few stares. But no one really approach me. Not sure why. Am I that intimidating? Sometimes I would pretend not noticing that my top slip off… showing a bit of my nipple action…
There are other times I would lie down pretending to be sunbathing & had my top completely off. Lying on my tummy. & would get stares. But no one would approach me. What do I have to do? Wear a sign that says: “ I’m ez “? That seem silly maybe I’ll give it a try..:) perhaps I appear soft & innocent but please guys don’t be afraid to approach girls like me if you see us. We’d like to party like any other. I for one like to dress up in clothing I don’t normally wear & enjoy pleasing the opposite sex & wear whatever they like me to wear. I like beach clothing because you can wear next to nothing & not be yelled at by conservatives or older ladies.img_6390

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