to keep a nice figure I have a gym routine; trying to put in some cardios about 15-20 minute on the treadmill. today was leg day; after being on the stairmaster for 15 minutes; it was time to do some squats. This morning was a scorcher; the temp spike to triple digits; so I gagymclothesthered the gym was sparse. I love it when its not too crowded. a few gym rats like myself are putting in their workouts before it gets too late.
I got here around an hour ago and only a few scattered guys were bench pressing, curling weights. The girl up front counter was busy on her phone and didn’t even look up when i walked up. i simply wore my regular flex legging sharkgym with a bare back; not sure what caught their eye…
I lied down on the matt to get ready for my sets of leg lifts and ab curls when I sense a footsteps behind me..then it got quiet..i was in the middle of my set so I
didn’t look up. As I opened up my eyes I saw 2 set of eye(s) was looking toward me. I looked up and 2 guys apparently just finished their sets still sweating was staring. I paused and said hey guys… and said” ” how’s your workout?”. they nodded only look away once and said..”good.” they then put their weights down and approach me..
” bitch you new here? haven’t seen you in here before..? still lying down I said; no I’ve been a member here couple years now; this is not my usual time here; but had an urge to come in today..”
the two guys came up closer, 1 standing over me and 1 had with 1 knee down and hunching down hovering over me.. so wassup bitch.what you got for us? I then push myself up to talk but the taller guy who had the knee down pull me toward him…and got a problem?..i was startled but wasn’t scared or anything. I then said: ” no course not..; im just here to get my work routine in..” I ask so what’s do you go by?. the guy that grabbed me .”.you don’t get to ask me that….bitch..”that got me hot…” I get turned on when a guy takes control of me wherever the situation is..not sure what their names were since they didn’t give it to me…for sake of this story Sam is standing in a few feet away & Roy is on the Matt with me.

7 thoughts on “gym”

  1. Wow vickie I miss chatting with you send me a new story I really do miss those beautiful so very sexy and sensual and erotic


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